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About Us

Over the last 30 years, Tropicana's Founder, Tan Sri Dato' Tan Chee Sing has been the key driver and backbone of all charity initiatives and he did so, anonymously. 

In 2011, Tropicana Foundation was established dedicated to improving the lives of the underprivileged society as well as supporting social and environmental problems. This Foundation funds a range of programs around Malaysia, from the foodbank, health, education, recycling to employees' engagement. 

Today, reinvigorated with our new logo, Tropicana Foundation remains committed to the global struggle as well as extending its reach to underprivileged society in Malaysia. The founding charter of the Foundation stated that resources should be used "for health, educational, social and charitable purposes" and it is in that spirit that the organisation continues. 

A Gift of Hope

As of 2020, we have contributed over RM 5.3 million in cash and other donation initiatives from packed meals to dry goods to over 37 underprivileged homes and associations all across Malaysia.

Defining Our New Logo

Tropicana Foundation’s logo design is inspired by our long term commitment to support the needy as well as its aspiration to preserve mother nature, for a wholesome and prosperous community. The green leaves represent all the layers of societies with whom we engage, while the heart shape symbolises our overall commitment, care and continuous support towards the underprivileged community.

  • 2011
    Tropicana Foundation was founded and incorporated
  • 2012-2015
    Initiated more than 30 charitable projects
  • 2016
    Donated RM1.5 million to SJIIM International Baccalaureate
  • 2017-2019
    Donated a total of RM256,000 to various charitable projects
  • 2020
    Reactivated & Rebranded Tropicana Foundation

The members of Tropicana are a close-knit family, and in caring for our 1,300-strong workforce around the country, the Tropicana Foundation has many initiatives for the internal welfare of our employees. Our initiatives have gone out towards them in showing gratitude to everyone for their contributions to the company, and each other and we continue to commit our heartfelt dedication towards our large, extended family.

Striving to help the community for the greater good of all, the Tropicana Foundation has been working towards the goal of improving the lives of the less fortunate or those who have been marginalized for over 10 years. We have partnered with various charitable and governmental organisations to reach out to numerous members of the community who need help. We couldn’t have done it without the leadership and support from Tropicana Corporation Berhad and all its subsidiaries, so our heartfelt thanks go out to all who have made our foundation’s efforts possible.