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Our Sustainability Governance Structure

At Tropicana Corporation Berhad, we prioritise responsible business conduct and stakeholder trust through robust governance frameworks. Our corporate governance framework upholds stakeholder trust and manages risks effectively . For detailed information, please visit our Corporate Governance page.

Our sustainability governance is overseen by the Board of Directors, supported by the Risk Management & Sustainability Steering Committee, Sustainability Management Team, and Sustainability Steering Committee, ensuring transparency and alignment with our ESG approach.

Roles and Responsibilities
Board of Directors
  • Responsible for the overall sustainability direction undertaken by the Group
  • Ensures business strategy includes considerations of the Group’s material sustainability matters
  • Endorses the Group’s Sustainability Statement as part of Tropicana’s annual reporting initiative
  • Risk Management and Sustainability Committee (“RMSC”)
  • Review and tables the frameworks for the Board of Directors’ approval
  • Ensures that sustainability and risk management frameworks are embedded throughout the Group
  • Ensures that the sustainability and risk management frameworks are consistently adopted throughout the Group and are within the parameters established by the Board
  • Provides oversight of sustainability initiatives that are in line with the purpose, values and strategy of the Group
  • Complies with external requirements such as Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad’s Sustainability Statement and Statement of Internal Control - Guidance for Directors of Public Listed Companies
  • Sustainability Management Team
  • Develops sustainability strategies and reports to the Board on the Group’s overall sustainability progress
  • Provides leadership to ensure the Group’s sustainability agenda is implemented throughout our business strategies
  • Reviews and approves policies, targets and market disclosures on sustainability matters
  • Sustainability Steering Committee
  • The Group has appointed an ESG officer to monitor and execute sustainability-related strategies and targets
  • Ensures sustainable processes and controls are in place within the Group’s departments/functions
  • Reports on the Group’s sustainability performance based on the implemented processes and controls via the Sustainability Statement
    •Collects Group sustainability data to generate a Sustainability Statement for annual disclosure
  • Risk Management & Sustainability Performance

    Effective risk management practices are a crucial aspect of our sustainability governance. Our Enterprise Risk Management (“ERM”) framework, integrated into our business model since 2012, promotes sound corporate governance and assists our Management team in decision-making processes. By identifying, evaluating, minimising, and monitoring risks associated with our daily operational activities, we aim to safeguard our business performance and stakeholder interests in the short-, medium-, and long-term.

    Under the guidance of our Board of Directors and Risk Management and Sustainability Committee, our Risk Management Department analyses and reports on key risks to our overall performance quarterly. We strive to achieve a sustainable balance between taking calculated risks for competitive advantage and managing daily operations to ensure optimal business performance.

    With stakeholders increasingly prioritising ESG considerations, we are committed to integrating social and environmental aspects into our risk reporting strategy in the years to come, aligning our risk management practices with our sustainability goals.