Millionaire Motorhomes
Millionaire Motorhomes - Detail

Upgrade your road trip with a motorhome furnished with everything, including the kitchen sink!

Millionaire Motorhomes - Detail

In light of the fact that post-pandemic travel choices are either limited or inconvenient, why not take a journey throughout Malaysia in style and comfort? We’re talking about hitting the highways in a luxurious motorhome or caravan. Some of these lavish homes on wheels, that costs millions of Ringgit each, are equipped with modern features, just like the ones you would find in your own home. These include bedrooms, baths, kitchens and more!  An example is the Buccaneer, dubbed the UK’s most luxurious touring caravan.  Big, bold and beautiful, Buccaneer models come in a variety of eight feet-wide layouts to appeal to couples and families alike. Every single model in the Buccaneer series is loaded to the brim with top-notch technology, stylish detail, and a multitude of features designed to make you smile from ear to ear. Plus, the kitchen has all the necessary appliances you’ll ever need and storage space too!

One of the models, the Buccaneer Bermuda elevates the art of lounging. The L-shaped lounge, complete with dedicated entertainment area and 32-inch TV, is the centrepiece of this striking design concept. During the night, the sofa may easily be transformed into a cosy double bed. With retractable transverse island bed, the rear double bedroom offers plenty of natural light and space. Split-style washrooms are available in the Bermuda, making it possible to use it as either an en-suite or a family bathroom. Then there is the Buccaneer Barracuda. This caravan may be divided up to offer en-suite facilities for guests, thanks to the separate bathroom and shower cubicle located in the middle of the vehicle.

Millionaire Motorhomes - Detail

Coachman’s Lusso is another British-built luxury tourer with multi-berth flexibility that feels like it has a leg up on its competitors. Thanks to its wide bodyshell, the fixed island double bed can be positioned transversely, resulting in a shorter footprint. This enables Coachman to construct the Lusso on a single-axle platform, which helps to save weight. In the rear is a full-width bathroom, while the L-shaped seating arrangement maximises the open-plan front living area. What’s more, the Lusso is available with 4G WiFi, air conditioning, and a self-levelling system. Equally cool is caravan brand Compass. Its Casita model is a fantastic travelling trailer with ample space for a growing family.

A spacious lounge and a separate dining room are located across the kitchen. A separate fixed corner double bed is located in the back, along with a large washroom for an en-suite effect. With separate living areas for children and adults, a big bathroom for washing younger children at the end of the day’s activities, and a comfy bed that doesn’t need to be made up, this design concept is the gold standard for young families.

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