The Art Of Makeup
The Art Of Makeup - Detail

Whether your skin tone is light, medium or dark, our beauty professionals share their makeup tips to help you look your best!

The Art Of Makeup - Detail

Narrow down your options to three shades that appear to be a good fit and apply each shade in the form of short lines along your jawline. The most suitable shade should disappear into your skin.

Tip: The ideal way to apply foundation is to blend it in with your finger pad, then spread it evenly across the face with a sponge.

Choose one shade lighter than your natural complexion. Smooth it outward using light tapping motions with the pad of your ring finger for a natural finish.

Loose powder sets foundation and concealer so that they last longer. If you can’t find a shade that matches your skin tone, opt for a translucent one.

Tip: Sprinkle some loose powder under the eyes before applying eyeshadow so that any eyeshadow powder that lands there may be easily brushed away.

Lighter skin tones can take almost every eyeshadow colour, while the brown colour family as well as blues, greys and greens are excellent for medium complexions. Those with darker skin tones look great with bold eyeshadow colours.

Tip: Blend a dark colour into the crease of your eyes to create the illusion of deep-set eyes. If you prefer dramatic eyes, use black in the eye creases and along the lash line, and then shade outward. For seductive peepers, apply a light colour all over the eyelids and then sweep on a deeper colour into the crease, as well as along the upper and lower lash lines.

Make your eyes look more appealing by lining the top of your lash lines with eyeliner. For brighter peepers, line the lower rims of your eyes with white eyeliner.

Blushers in baby pink, light peach and berry-plum hues work well on fair skin. Rosy pinks, warm peach and mauve colours complement medium skin tones. If you have dark skin, try blushers in peach, plum, bronze or brick red.

Tip: To define your cheekbones, suck in your cheeks until you see an indentation below the apples of your cheeks. Apply a dark-coloured blusher or a bronzer and work it down that indentation.

Lighter complexions look best with pink-toned lipsticks, shades of mauve complement medium skin tones, while berry hues look good on dark skin. Still unsure? Get a red lipstick with blue undertones as it goes well with every skin colour. 

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