Positive Signs With Dragonfly Project
Positive Signs With Dragonfly Project - Detail

Tropicana’s use of dragonflies as a biocontrol mechanism shows promising results

Positive Signs With Dragonfly Project - Detail

Nearly a year has passed since the Tramea transmarina dragonfly larvae were released into a pond at Tropicana Golf & Country Resort ("TGCR") as a natural solution to suppress mosquito population and impede mosquito larvae growth. A dragonfly’s natural diet includes mosquitoes and flying insects near ponds. Dragonflies are precise and lethal hunters, catching almost 95% of their prey. A field survey was undertaken by dragonfly expert Dr Choong Chee Yen to establish whether or not the endeavour was effective, and the results were encouraging.  “We conducted an observation at the pond on 18 February 2022 (about five months after releasing the larvae) and we’re pleased to report that the dragonflies are breeding successfully at the pond,” says the lecturer at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) Faculty of Science and Technology.

During the survey, it was discovered that the pond was home to a staggering six different dragonfly species in addition to the Tramea transmarina (commonly known as Saddlebag Glider) larvae that were first released into the pond. “This is a good sign since it indicates that the environment there is healthy,” Choong notes. It also suggests that the initiative has achieved its goal of providing a new habitat for the dragonflies used in the pilot project, as well as attracting other dragonfly species to converge at the ponds in TGCR. In addition to the role that dragonflies play in controlling the mosquito population by feeding on mosquitoes and their larvae, the project paves the way for the ponds to become an eco-tourism location suitable for dragonfly observation activities. The project, the first of its kind for a golf course, exemplifies Tropicana’s efforts to fulfil its commitment as a responsible developer by minimising the impact on natural ecosystems and biodiversity.

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