Prime Pedals

Here’s a look at some of the most luxurious bicycles ever made

Prime Pedals


The Trek Yoshitomo Nara was introduced at an event co-hosted by Lance Armstrong and Nike with the goal of raising cancer awareness. Contemporary Japanese artist, Yoshitomo  Nara customised the bicycle with a fun and quirky cartoon drawing of youngsters, as well as a Livestrong emblem. The vibrant-coloured  two-wheeler is a fantastic racing bicycle  with a carbon fibre frame that is lightweight and allows for rapid speeds.


This bicycle was created in partnership with Cervélo, one of the world’s most prominent bicycle manufacturers. It features bespoke Chrome Hearts graphics, leather, precious metals, and rhinestones. Tagged in the five-figure range, it is undeniably a valuable, luxurious, and fascinating mode of transportation.


This beautiful bicycle, designed by Goldgenie, a British luxury label, goes well beyond ordinary gold flecks. 24K gold is coated onto every part of the bike, from the curved handlebars to the gear chain, to make it shine in the sunlight. It comes with a soft San Marco black suede saddle and SR4 racing tyres, but clients who want to stand out even more can customise their saddle and handlebars with exotic skins and premium leathers.

4.    KONA

Kona is a household name in the bicycle business. Established in 1988 in Vancouver, Canada, Kona bikes are sold in over 60 countries worldwide and are made from materials such as carbon fibre, titanium, aluminium, and steel. The mountains of Vancouver inspired the firm to develop a line of freeride mountain bikes noted for their endurance and ability to handle difficult terrain.

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