Tropicana's Sustainability Efforts
Tropicana's Sustainability Efforts

Tropicana adopts sustainable solutions to benefit future generations and the environment

Tropicana's Sustainability Efforts

As a responsible developer and pioneer of residential resort-style living, Tropicana consistently considers the link between residents and the environment in its landscape design. The township and individual residential parcels are designed by award-winning landscape architects. “The landscape concept for each parcel is uniquely tailored individually to create an identity of its own but still keeping the design DNA of Tropicana,” says Jimmy Khoo, Deputy GM, Planning & Design Department. Tropicana focuses on landscape design for each township to give enough green space to create Central Parks with lakes. “A park life full of greenery is the mainstay of life in all of our township development.” The Central Parks are created with the demands of the user demography in mind, as well as the existing landform of each township. The Central Parks at Tropicana Heights and Tropicana Aman, for example, are designed to closely resemble suburban green spaces that encourage and protect the natural ecosystem.

Tropicana's Sustainability Efforts

“At Tropicana Aman Central Park, around 2,400 trees and palms have been planted, creating a warm and inviting setting. On top of these, we are also creating woodlands within the Central Park which contribute to another 4,000 numbers of trees in sapling form,” says Jimmy. Composting is also a common practice with Tropicana Aman and Tropicana Heights landscape contractors. Non-woody green waste like leaves, grass clippings, weeds, and garden plant trimmings create excellent compost. In addition, Tropicana has been incorporating LED landscape lightings for recent developments. In comparison to traditional light bulbs, LEDs consume less energy. Residents may save money on monthly operation and management costs while also putting less strain on the energy grid.

For high-rise developments, Tropicana creates vertical green spaces on building facades. Climbers are planted on the exteriors of Tropicana Grande and Tropicana Metropark Pandora Residences, which help to clean the air, decrease and regulate the temperature, and keep the environment healthy. At Tropicana Golf & Country Resort (“TGCR”), a pond was created to attract dragonflies and use them as a biocontrol for mosquitoes. Unlike chemical treatment, it is an eco-friendly solution to eliminate mosquitoes. Dragonflies also signal pure water and stable oxygen levels.

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