Eco-Friendly Golf Courses
Eco-Friendly Golf Courses

Here are some renowned golf courses around the world that are embracing a greener future

Eco-Friendly Golf Courses


The beauty of TGCR is that its greenery has a positive impact on the environment while providing golfers with a breathtaking and natural landscape. The golf course takes pride in many other ways it contributes to environmental preservation. For example, a pond on the course is designed to attract dragonflies and serve as a mosquito biocontrol. Unlike chemical control, it is an eco-friendly solution to eliminate mosquitoes. Furthermore, the presence of dragonflies indicates that the water is clean and that the oxygen levels are stable. At 625 acres, TGCR also supports a diverse plant life that benefits the environment by absorbing and filtering rain, providing wildlife habitat, and reducing noise pollution. It’s no surprise that some migratory bird species that travel long distances from Siberia to Indonesia can be found here!


This golf resort, which is located in a boundless and verdant landscape with world-class volcanic golf courses, implements sustainable measures and is committed to promoting low-carbon, ecology, and environmental conservation. In addition to using solar golf carts, creating artificial lakes to gather rainwater for future irrigation, and employing sound waste management procedures, there are numerous other initiatives. 

Eco-Friendly Golf Courses


Emirates Golf Club emphasises environmental stewardship by shifting to a low-carbon future and increasing energy efficiency. As one of the city’s newest locations for EV Green Chargers, golfers may leave their automobiles to charge while they play! Additionally, the club is the first in the region to use LED light technology to mimic daylight to provide a unique night golf experience. 


Guests at this exotic island golf resort are encouraged to adopt a green lifestyle by contributing to the preservation of the course’s natural environment through their participation in the Handara Green Initiative. In addition, they can collect their salad ingredients from Handara’s very own vegetable garden! Furthermore, sustainability efforts include the reduction of energy and water usage, as well as waste management and disposal.  


Sentosa Golf Club has been working to establish an environmentally sustainable golf property since 2018. Following the beginning of its #KeepitGreen campaign, which has now become a way of life for the club, the club has made considerable efforts to unite the golf industry and encourage sustainable practices to help combat the consequences of climate change in the sport. The Club strives to set the standard for sustainability in the sport and continues to make commitments to help reduce its own carbon footprint. 

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