Mirror Mirror On The Wall
Mirror Mirror On The Wall
Mirror Mirror On The Wall - Detail

Whether it’s for mum, dad or a young adult, here are a few dressing table idea’s that will have you feeling like the fairest of them all.

Tocador Vanity Table by Nomon
Nomon’s Tocador Vanity Table is a beautiful addition to any bedroom space. Truly a space for the adult man or woman, it is sure to provide an experience like no other. Sleek and minimal, it features a tabletop and added storage for small, delicate items as well as a convenient adjustable mirror. Beautifully constructed from solid natural walnut or marble, it comes with added brass details to complete the polished look. This petite dressing table has a unique vertical structure and an angular mirror that carries a little jewellery box that hangs off the wooden spine. Complete the look with the matching pouf that slides seamlessly into the table’s spine.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall - Detail

From left:
Amazon Vabches Makeup Vanity with Lights
For those who take their skin care ritual and makeup routine seriously, the Amazon Vabches Makeup Vanity with lights is the dressing table for you. This set from Amazon comes with an LED mirror with adjustable brightness that allows you to choose from warm yellow, warm white and cold white settings for that day to evening application ease. It also possesses an aesthetic arrangement of storage options such as shelves and drawers, ensuring there’s plenty of room for all your products. This dressing table also comes with 2 plug points and 2 USB ports built-in allowing for ease of use of tools such as hairdryers and hair tongs. It is just like having your own mini studio dedicated solely to you achieving your most fabulous self. It is available on www.amazon.com

Urban Outfitters Elise Vanity Dressing Table Set
If you are someone who appreciates clever designs that help save space while enjoys the bohemian vibe, the Urban Outfitters Elise Vanity Dressing Table set is the one for you. Not at all overtly feminine, masculine nor complicated, it is a table that would work for anyone who needs a small space to quickly get preened for the day. Rounded in shape and made from made from rattan, it comes with a matching stool that nestles perfectly into it like a puzzle. The table top can be popped up revealing a mirror and a deep, built-in storage that will hold everything from cologne bottles to skin care, as well as anything else you might want to keep concealed from view. Do visit www.urbanoutfitters.com for more information.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall - Detail

From left:
Ballard Designs Alissa Acrylic Console Table
Fresh, fun and full of possibilities, the Ballard Designs’ Alissa Acrylic console table is perfect for a young tween and teen. The Classic lines reimagined in clean, high-quality acrylic make it durable and easy to add to any young person’s bedroom while allowing light to filter through any surface. It can be that contemporary touch that lends a fresh modern perspective to any space. It is also sized perfectly making it a great option as a desk with all that is required is the right chair. For the organized exhibitionist, this clear console table can also function as the perfect vanity to artfully arrange your perfume bottles and fashionable hard cover books and magazines. 

Mercer41 Leticia Vanity
If modern simplicity is more your speed, do check out the Mercer41 Leticia Vanity. The clean aesthetic of this slim, three-compartment vanity is chic offering three panels on the tabletop that each flip up to reveal storage space and a mirror. Cleverly infused with the design is a cutout in the back panel allowing you to organize your cords for hair dryers or laptops. Exuding modern sophistication, your skincare or makeup station will be neat and organized while it sits atop golden brass legs in the shape of an “X”. It may even double up as a simple work top or console depending on how you wish to dress it up.

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