Tranquil Shopping Experience
Tranquil Shopping Experience
Tranquil Shopping Experience - Detail

Nestled amidst the vibrant landscape of Gohtong Jaya, Pahang, Breez Hill stands as a strategic gem, with a good inflow of traffic thanks to neighboring developments. Its immediate catchment area and proximity make it a focal point for development, promising a prime location for businesses.

The site boasts ready infrastructure and provides direct visibility from the road, allowing visitors to indulge in an unobstructed view overlooking the iconic Resorts World Genting.

Tranquil Shopping Experience - Detail

Inspired by the undulating lines of the hills, the design of Breez Hill follows a wave pattern, mirroring the gentle movement of the breeze. The color gradient, transitioning from sky blue to turquoise, reinforces the idea that at Breez Hill, one can find peace, rejuvenation, and tranquility. This thoughtful design element is woven into the collaterals, conveying the unique experience of living in the residential or visiting the commercial space, where the calm of the hills meets the refreshing breeze of the highlands.

Breez Hill Shoppes opened their doors in December 2023, and the response has been remarkable, with 62% of the ground floor already claimed.

Tranquil Shopping Experience - Detail

Other elements that make this an ideal and unique commercial investment is as below:

Exclusive Ownership: Only Strata shops available for ownership in Gohtong Jaya.
Limited Units: With only 90 exclusive units available for sale, this presents a rare and limited opportunity.
Unique Shopping Experience: Beyond commercial spaces, the development promises a distinctive shopping experience with added public amenities.
Panoramic Views: Enjoy an unobstructed panoramic view of Resorts World Genting, adding charm and allure to the surroundings.
Sustainability: Immediate spillover from neighboring developments makes businesses highly sustainable.
Natural Light and Ventilation: The majority of the shops are designed to receive maximum natural light and ventilation, creating an inviting and comfortable atmosphere.
Wide Shop Frontage: All shops are planned with a wide frontage of nine meters, ensuring visibility and accessibility.
Practical Layout Options: Choose from practical layout size options catering to various types of businesses.
High Ceilings: Ground floor units boast high ceilings (up to eight meters), offering the potential for conversion into double-volume units.
Dedicated Parking: Convenience is key, with dedicated parking areas specifically allocated for shoppes.

Breez Hill Shoppes isn't just a commercial space; it's a meticulously designed lifestyle destination where aesthetics, tranquility, and prime location converge, promising a unique experience for residents and visitors alike. Secure your spot in this exclusive community and be part of a thriving business hub.

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