Homes Of The Future
Homes Of The Future
Homes Of The Future - Detail

Syncing up all your smart home gadgetry into a single hub is the way of the future.

Homes Of The Future - Detail

Home Assistant is an open-source system that allows users to control it without needing a hub. You can run Home Assistant on Windows, MacOS, Linux, the Asus Tinkerboard and others. Setup involves adding your location, choosing an administrator, and your preferences. Upon discovering the devices and services on your network, you will see that Home Assistant is one of the fastest and most responsive home automation systems on the market. 

Homes Of The Future - Detail

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Voice control is a focal point for Amazon Alexa. Most accurate in responses and in understanding of commands, it is a fast favorite as it ensures vast compatibility. Setting up the app is easy as the platform is built around Alexa, and you can seamlessly add devices and customize your home. It works through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee (on Echo 4th Gen, Echo Show except 1st Gen, and Echo Studio), and more recently, Matter.

Apple HomeKit is a smart home automation system that links up all your Apple devices into a single hub. You will be able to control your smart home from your iPhone, iPad, or even your Apple Watch, making this the absolute best home automation system for Apple users. If you are looking to grow your Apple smart home ecosystem do ensure that new devices are labeled HomeKit-certified devices.

Many smart home users have adopted the Google ecosystem for their home control.  Easy to navigate and highly intuitive, the application gives you a view of everything connected to Google Home. Google is expecting to integrate Matter-supported devices with their current Google Home devices seamlessly seeing a large inclusion of compatible devices on the market soon.

Samsung SmartThings is a home automation system that has high support among brands. With a straightforward and friendly user interface, navigating on the mobile application is highly intuitive. Favorite devices, scenes, and automations appear on the app's home screen, with options to edit add, and remove readily available. The application comes with all Galaxy phones, but is also available on the Google Play store and the App Store for Apple users. 

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