Timeless Elegance
Timeless Elegance
Timeless Elegance - Detail

Rachel Wong inspires tradition with a contemporary vision with Monica Quen. In the heart of Malaysia's bustling fashion scene, Monica Quen stands as a testament to the enduring charm of oriental fashion. Established in 2000 by the visionary Monica Ong herself, the brand has evolved into a beacon of timeless elegance, seamlessly blending traditional cheongsam aesthetics with modern comfort. Now, under the guidance of Managing Director and her own daughter - Rachel Wong, Monica Quen continues to redefine oriental fashion for the 21st century.

The roots of Monica Quen trace back to the creative vision of Monica Ong, a distinguished alumna of the renowned Saint Martin's School of Arts in the UK. Her journey began in the late '70s, designing for local boutiques before transitioning into the cut, make, and tailor (CMT) industry, creating exquisite pieces for elite departmental stores. Ong's inspiration stemmed from her belief that incorporating oriental styles into our modern lives could be both aesthetically pleasing and culturally enriching.

Under Wong’s leadership, she shares that initially, she felt her path was with animals. With a degree to be a veterinary technician and a detour into game development, Rachel brings a fresh perspective to Monica Quen. As the Managing Director, she infuses her passion for tradition with modern sensibilities, echoing Monica's original vision. Wong's transition into the fashion industry was a natural progression and she had always held an interest upon watching her mother since her childhood.

Timeless Elegance - Detail

Monica Quen's mission is clear: to bring the charm and elegance of oriental fashion into the modern world. The brand envisions a future where the beauty of cheongsams transcend cultural boundaries. Their focus lies in fabric quality, comfort, practicality, and continually modernizing designs to meet the dynamic needs of the market.

The designing process at Monica Quen is a year-round endeavor, with special attention given to Chinese New Year designs. Custom-made clothing, including bridal cheongsams and oriental uniforms, showcase the brand's commitment to personalized elegance. Wong did divulge that stretch cotton cheongsams in the rare loose fitting silhouette, are also part of the collection making it an easy option for daily wear.

Timeless Elegance - Detail

The brand's latest collection features silk and netting fabrics, tailored for the Malaysian climate. Embracing the trend of "old money style" and "quiet luxury" for 2024, Monica Quen combines classic aesthetics with a commitment to cultural influence.

“Monica Quen currently holds three flagship stores located in Tropicana Gardens Mall, 3 Damansara Mall, and Straits Quay Marina Mall (Penang)” said Wong. With departmental counters in Parkson Pavilion KL and Mid Valley Megamall, the brand strategically positions itself to cater to a diverse and discerning clientele.

The dynamic between Ong and Wong is symbiotic. While Wong oversees day-to-day operations, leasing, and sourcing, Ong remains deeply involved in the creative process, personally traveling to China to source materials.

Timeless Elegance - Detail

Monica Quen has garnered a loyal following beyond Malaysia, with audiences in Singapore and Australia. The brand differentiates itself by offering an affordable range crafted from quality materials, ensuring that even daily wear cheongsams exude comfort and style.

In a succinct description, Wong defines Monica Quen as evergreen, contemporary, and comfortable – capturing the essence of a brand that seamlessly merges tradition with the demands of the modern world. As Monica Quen continues to weave its narrative of timeless elegance, it invites fashion enthusiasts to embrace the allure of oriental fashion in the present day.

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