Prosperity On A Plate
Prosperity On A Plate
Prosperity On A Plate - Detail

No Chinese New Year festivity is truly fulfilled without indulging in the vibrant and symbolic yee sang. This traditional dish, resembling a lively and meaningful salad, typically incorporates shredded vegetables, pickled components, an array of sauces, and crunchy elements such as crackers or fried noodles. A visit to Spring Garden Chinese Restaurant is highly recommended, as their chef adeptly melds fresh, premium ingredients to produce a delightful fusion of flavours and textures. This elevates the auspicious tradition of tossing yee sang, symbolising good luck and prosperity, to a whole new level.

Prosperity On A Plate - Detail

This festive season, indulge in the culinary delights at Spring Garden Chinese Restaurant. Explore the must-try braised mushrooms with golden oysters, seamlessly combining earthy mushrooms, savoury golden oysters, and crisp broccoli. The wok-fried prawns with chili bean paste provide a divine experience, featuring succulent prawns coated in a flavourful kick, harmonised with vibrant greens. For a delightful blend of flavours, try the steamed cod fish with ginger, black fungus, bean curd sticks, and goji berries. And, don't miss the shark's fin soup with crabmeat – a perfect balance of velvety smoothness and rich broth, enhanced by delicate shark's fin strands and tender crabmeat for a luxurious taste sensation.

Spring Garden Chinese Restaurant
Location: TGCR, Ground Floor, Main Wing
Tel: 03-7880 7226

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