Feng Shui At Home
Feng Shui At Home
Feng Shui At Home - Detail

Brighten up your entrance
Your house’s entryway symbolises the way energy flows into your home and life. Your front door acts as the “mouth of `qi’ (energy)”, making it a crucial focal point for creating positive feng shui. Begin by decluttering and clearing any obstructions that often accumulate at the entrance, ensuring it remains relatively uncluttered while not necessarily empty.

Keep windows clean
Maintain positive feng shui in your home by keeping your windows clean. Clear, sparkling windows allow abundant sunlight to enter, naturally invigorating your space and showcasing its colours and features. Embrace more light to create a more expansive, vibrant, and energetic atmosphere

Plants bring vitality
In feng shui, plants symbolise life energy, acting as a direct link to nature that injects vibrancy into your living space. Think of green plants as a revitalising elixir for your home, infusing it with freshness and vitality. Green, thriving plants are a fundamental element of feng shui in your living environment.

Feng Shui At Home - Detail

Add a water feature
In feng shui philosophy, water is both a tangible symbol of wealth and a representation of abundance. To invite positive energy and prosperity into your life, a widely endorsed practice is to strategically position an aquarium or a soothing fountain in the vicinity of your home’s entrance or just outside the main doorway.

Fix damaged items
Feng shui generally recommends either repairing broken items or, if they cannot be repaired, discarding them. Broken items symbolise suffering and attract problems. Address any household issues, such as leaks, promptly, as water can carry away positive energy. It’s also recommended to keep the toilet seat down and the door closed for good feng shui.

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