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Wellness Warrior
Wellness Warrior - Detail

The Country Head at Vita Life Sciences (Malaysia and Singapore) Ltd., a leading Australian-owned healthcare company, Dr KS Beh is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. 

In her position, she plays a key role in overseeing critical aspects of the company's operations in the Southeast Asia region. This includes responsibilities such as formulating business and sales strategy, as well as driving big data and information technology development for the Group.

Under her adept leadership, the entities within Beh’s portfolio have demonstrated exceptional performance, significantly contributing to the overall revenue of the Group. Her strategic approach and management skills, based on key principles, are instrumental in achieving remarkable results for the company.

Talent development is a cornerstone of her approach. “Within the organisation, I focus on nurturing potential leaders through mentoring and providing training,” she explains.

Adaptability is another crucial aspect. She encourages her team to embrace change and stay ahead of the industry curve by generating new ideas and actively participating in product development initiatives.

A goal-oriented mindset is integral to her leadership style. “I emphasise the importance of setting clear goals and defining strategies to achieve them. Moreover, I empower my team to collaboratively work towards these goals and ensure that achievements are duly rewarded.”

In the past five years, Beh significantly boosted the business with double-digit turnover growth each year, thanks to effective strategies and initiatives.

These include marketing strategies aimed at maximising outreach, encompassing a diverse range of channels such as Above The Line (ATL) platforms like radio, billboards, and print. Additionally, she has successfully navigated the ever-evolving digital landscape by leveraging social media, including emerging platforms such as TikTok, XHS, and Lemon8. 

Furthermore, on-ground activities strategically conducted in stores, concourse areas, and corporate settings have played a significant role in expanding the company's market presence and ensuring sustained financial success.

Wellness Warrior - Detail

Another factor contributing to the success is the emphasis on product innovation. This involves consistently leading market trends and being at the forefront of introducing novel products, such as Turmeric in 2015.

Beh also spearheaded CHARGE-UP, the first mental wellness series in the country, addressing rising concerns about mental health with innovative solutions launched in 2021. This series focuses on nurturing mental resilience, cognitive function, sleep quality, stress relief, and more.

She firmly believes that supplements are for everyone, not just the elderly or those with health issues. 

Her mission: revolutionise supplement intake into an enjoyable experience, transforming the brand’s identity with an unwavering commitment to health and positivity. 

This is achieved through creative formatting and packaging, aiming to bring an element of fun to the process of incorporating supplements into one's daily routine.

Establishing strategic partnerships and alliances is a key approach to tap into new customer bases, Beh notes. This involves collaborations with co-branding partners, participation in corporate events, and securing positions as the official nutrition partner for sports associations.

Similar to any professional, she faces challenges in the business landscape. Competitive market dynamics pose a hurdle, with rivals resorting to deep discounts and generous freebies.

Wellness Warrior - Detail

“We favour a sustainable approach, advocating for selling products based on customers’ health needs identified through free health tests actively conducted. This customer-centric strategy aims for long-term relationships rather than short-term gains.”

Counterfeiting, especially rampant in e-commerce, poses a significant challenge. To combat this, stringent quality control measures are implemented, and consumers are educated on making genuine choices. Additionally, hologram scanning is encouraged to verify product authenticity.

Economic challenges and fluctuating raw material prices present further obstacles. “The response involves diversifying the product portfolio to encompass a range of price points and cater to diverse consumer segments, ensuring resilience in the face of economic uncertainties.”

Despite a busy schedule, Beh prioritises education, earning a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) with a specialisation in marketing. She also completed the Harvard School Online Certificate Program in Global Business.

Beh envisions the future trajectory of Vita Life Sciences' presence in Malaysia and Singapore, along with upcoming plans.

These include chatbot customer service, a money-back guarantee for trust, global expansion, using TikTok Live for younger audiences, especially in Malay markets, and introducing sports products tailored for athletes and active individuals.

Wellness Warrior - Detail

Beyond business strategies, VitaHealth, a Vita Life Sciences subsidiary, embraces the motto “Healthy Life, Happy Vibes”, striving to positively impact communities. It partners with NGOs and fundraises for those facing challenges. Approaching its 77th anniversary this year, the company intensifies its commitment to CSR, channelling resources to uplift communities and foster a healthier, happier world.

Beh advocates for the promotion of both physical and mental wellness. She notes that true health extends beyond the absence of diseases and encompasses overall well-being. 

“Achieving a fulfilling life involves being physically active and emotionally happy, acknowledging the interconnected nature of physical and mental aspects in the pursuit of optimal health.”

The dedication to promoting wellness has had a positive impact on employee engagement, retention, and overall productivity
“Initiatives supporting this commitment include offering complimentary access to gym facilities to encourage physical activity, organising a Sports day to foster teamwork, implementing a silent hour every Monday to allow employees uninterrupted focus on their work and enhance productivity, and providing insurance and health cards to alleviate financial stress associated with healthcare costs.”

The company promotes work-life balance and mental health support for its employees through various initiatives, such as flexible working hours, work-from-home options, birthday time-off, and the availability of a quiet room.

Personally, Beh prioritises physical activity by frequently visiting the gym, underscoring the paramount importance of health in her life.

She also incorporates VitaHealth’s Turmercare into her routine – a combination of 500mg Curcumin C3 Complex with turmeric powder and BioPerine, tailored to enhance overall bodily health. Additionally, she relies on Charge-Up Ashwagandha Plus, a supplement containing ashwagandha extract and saffron extract, traditionally known for addressing stress and sleep difficulties.

Bidding farewell to sleep troubles is on the horizon for Beh, thanks to her newfound pride as the owner of a Tropicana residence. Specifically, she has acquired a semi-detached property within the serene Freesia Residences of Tropicana Aman, where verdant landscapes and a tranquil environment create a sanctuary of relaxation and homeliness.

“I am captivated by the stunning design, the delightful surroundings, and the overall convenience it offers. I eagerly anticipate the moment I can move in once the construction and renovation are complete!”

Wellness Warrior - Detail

Cross-border leadership
Beh’s effective prioritisation and management of responsibilities spanning Malaysia and Singapore play a pivotal role in her accomplishments.

Strategic alignment: By aligning the objectives of both entities, Beh facilitates resource-sharing while tailoring approaches to accommodate each location's distinct market conditions.

Empowerment: Beh empowers local teams to take ownership, emphasising clear objectives and granting authority for decision-making within their areas of expertise to drive results.

Clear communication: Regular online and in-person meetings are integral to maintaining team alignment with organisational goals, fostering idea exchange, and ensuring a seamless flow of communication.

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