The East In Vogue
The East In Vogue
The East In Vogue - Detail

Chinese floral prints merge with Western materials for a unique, sophisticated aesthetic in Shanghai Tang’s latest collection

Shanghai Tang's newest women's line serves as a vibrant homage to the captivating artistry of Yang Liping's 'Moonlight Dance' performance in the enchanting landscape of Lijiang, China. This collection skillfully encapsulates the effervescent and fluid movements that define the performance, translating them into a series of dynamic and elegant fashion pieces that embody the grace, spirit, and cultural richness of this renowned dance.

The collection combines Chinese hand drawn floral prints and Western fabrication, revealing a distinctive aesthetic with a sophisticated quality.

In both contemporary and traditional Chinese art, dance has been portrayed in paintings, calligraphy, music and poetry for centuries. The freedom of dance is the heart of the collection, and through traditional dyeing techniques, expert craftsmen have created floral prints in moonlight yellow and midnight blue on mulberry silk, resulting in beautifully free flowing ensembles.

From left: A floral red dress, the ideal choice to celebrate the vibrant traditions and festivities of Chinese New Year with grace and style; A sophisticated navy blue ensemble with graceful peplum detailing, epitomising refined style and timeless elegance; A classic black and white attire, a timeless combination that stands the test of fashion trends, ensuring you're always in vogue.

The East In Vogue - Detail

The men's collection continues to honour Shanghai Tang's rich brand legacy, which reflects the evolution of contemporary Chinese fashion. It remains rooted in the brand's timeless narrative of iconic Chinese silhouettes while infusing elements of novelty and whimsy into traditional sartorial expressions.

Equally fascinating is the 'Reunion' range. This particular collection thoughtfully weaves a central motif, encapsulating the spirit of togetherness and the shared moments of delight, ensuring that each design reflects the intricate tapestry of love and unity that defines these cherished family reunions.

Known for its intricate embroidery, Shanghai Tang reimagines this craftsmanship in relaxed, comfortable styles that exude elegance. Noteworthy among the collection's standout pieces is a double-stitched Mandarin collar wool jacket with frog buttons, artfully crafted to resemble denim and infuse a Western flair into the traditional garment.

The infusion of Western aesthetics becomes even more evident where a graceful marriage of styles emerges, uniting the timeless Mandarin collar and distinctive architectural sleeves in a captivating dance of cultural threads and sartorial mastery.

From left: Actor Azriel Ismail (left) and DJ Shawn Zod in Shanghai Tang's stylish menswear; Content creator Trisha Kuck exudes timeless elegance in a cheongsam, complemented by a beautifully coordinated clutch; Miss Universe Indonesia 2013, Whulandary Herman radiates charm and elegance in a black Shanghai Tang dress.

The East In Vogue - Detail

From left: An exquisite ensemble tailored with meticulous detail, designed to be the perfect choice for celebrating the festivity and grandeur of Chinese New Year; A denim jacket with Oriental accents effortlessly layers over a silk piece, fusing a harmonious East-meets-West style.

The East In Vogue - Detail

Oriental opulence
This season, Shanghai Tang unveils the 'Crane Garden' homeware collection, boasting intricate designs meticulously crafted from bone China, lacquered wood, and enamel, infusing an aura of grace and elegance into each piece.

The series takes the distinctive Chinese elements of cranes, gingko, and window lattices as the subjects, integrating the Western style of decorative arts with the Chinese aesthetics. It brings the refined cultural connotation to domestic life, demonstrating the charm of the Orient that is one-of-a-kind through the beauty of the objects.

From exquisite Chinese-inspired teaware to the enchanting aroma of ginger flower scents, a diverse range of treasures awaits, poised to charm the refined sensibilities of individuals eager to imbue their living spaces with a dash of cultural flair.

Plus, just in time for Chinese New Year, the brand introduces a must-have mahjong set!

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