Feng Shui-Friendly Fish
Feng Shui-Friendly Fish
Feng Shui-Friendly Fish - Detail

When considering the finest feng shui fish, the Goldfish stands out as the most cost-effective, commonly chosen, and uncomplicated option. It's often recommended for aquariums due to its symbolism of beauty and harmony.

The Guppy fish, is also highly favoured for feng shui reasons as it brings a sense of joy to any living space with its wide range of colours, including shades of red, blue, grey, and more.
Furthermore, their easy upkeep makes them a hassle-free choice. Maintaining their well-being is as simple as regularly cleaning a freshwater tank and providing a diverse range of plants and substrates.

Then there is the Flowerhorn fish, which is celebrated for its striking beauty and the belief that it brings great luck and love to its owner. Often chosen to foster a joyful home environment and the well-being of all family members, it's a species that exudes positivity.

Feng Shui-Friendly Fish - Detail

Another excellent choice is the Black Moor Goldfish, regarded as one of the most favourable feng shui fish for your aquarium. It's believed to dispel potential negative influences in your home, replacing them with positive energy.

One of the top choices in feng shui fish is the Arowana, often referred to as the Dragon Fish. This majestic species symbolises wealth, power, health, and happiness in feng shui practice. However, due to its endangered status, owning and caring for an Arowana can be quite costly.

Also thought to usher in positive vibes and good luck is the Koi. Keeping Koi fish in your home or garden pond is believed to attract positive energy and good luck. Their graceful and peaceful presence is considered to foster a calm and harmonious ambiance.

Feng Shui-Friendly Fish - Detail

Koi fish also embodies qualities of determination, prosperity, and success in feng shui. This species signifies the desire for both personal and career development.

Additionally, Koi fish come in various vibrant colours, with each hue holding significance for different aspects of life. For instance, the red Koi is a symbol of love and relationships, while the gold Koi represents affluence and abundance.

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