Delightful TGCR Treats
Delightful TGCR Treats
Delightful TGCR Treats - Detail

No matter your craving, head to Tropicana Golf & Country Resort (“TGCR”) for the best food in town

The Palm Coffee House and Twenty7 Restaurant will be having a Hari Raya Haji promotion from 29 June until 2 July featuring Mandy Rice with Lamb Shank or Chicken. It is served with soup, garden salad, dalcha, salsa, hard-boiled egg, raisins and cashew nuts. And, only on weekends and public holidays, treat yourselves to the Laksa Johor Special served with a generous helping of delicious fish broth, vegetables and a huge fresh water prawn. If you prefer light bites, check out the tapas duo comprising Spicy Butter Prawn and Creamy Chicken Mushroom, each served with crunchy and tasty garlic bread. Not to be missed are the rich and creamy Crème Brulee, and the Peanut Chocolate Cake that’s deliciously moist and crunchy.

The Palm Coffee House
Location: Ground Floor, Main Wing
Tel: 03-7804 8888 ext. 306

Twenty7 Restaurant
Location: Ground Floor,
Golfers Lounge
Tel: 03-7804 8888 ext. 325

Delightful TGCR Treats - Detail

TGCR’s international menu features some of the world’s best dishes, including Braised Ox Cheek, which has a soft texture similar to oxtail flesh. Available at Gin Shui Tei Japanese restaurant, it is cooked in a rich and savoury special sauce, and garnished with chilli peppers and radish. Another Oriental fare is from QingHegu Korean restaurant comprising Chicken Ginseng Soup as well as BBQ or salty-flavoured chicken pieces. The ginseng is said to have soothing effects that help to cool the body. From Spring Garden comes a tasty assortment of dim sum such as Crystal Shrimp Dumplings, Deep Fried Flaky Taro Dumplings, Chicken, Shrimp Dumplings with Chinese Mushroom and more! Have these with the spicy chilli sauce or sweet dim sum sauce. At JoJo’s Italian Restaurant, the Pizza Quattro Formaggi is a must-try. With a flavourful blend of four distinct cheeses on a  freshly-baked dough, this pizza is a fan-favourite among cheese connoisseurs.

Gin Shui Tei Japanese Restaurant
Location: Ground Floor, Main Wing
Tel: 03-7886 9168

QingHeGu Korean Traditional Restaurant
Location: Ground Floor, Palms Wing
Tel: 03-7886 9012/016 368 4500

Jojo’s Italian Restaurant
Location: Ground Floor, 
Palms Wing
Tel: 03 -7805 3935

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