Ways To Quit Smoking
Ways To Quit Smoking
Ways To Quit Smoking - Detail

Smoking is linked to many health issues, including cancer, diabetes and stroke. Here are some solutions for you to kick the habit

Over seven million people die annually from tobacco use, and another 1.2 million die from being exposed to secondhand smoke, according to the World Health Organisation. It’s never too late to quit, so don’t give up if you’ve been trying or considering it.

Cold Turkey
Quitting cold turkey requires some strategies such as getting rid of all the cigarettes in your house or office, changing your routine so that you never have to be in a situation where you feel the urge to smoke, not drinking alcohol or coffee if you usually have a cigarette with these, using positive self talk like “I’m doing great today, and I can do it!”, having diversions to help you get through urges, and reading up on willpower.

Gradual Withdrawal
Another method for quitting smoking is progressive withdrawal, which involves gradually reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke each day. This method gradually reduces the amount of nicotine in your body. It is logical to cut back before your quit date to minimise withdrawal symptoms, but this might be difficult to achieve. Note that simply cutting back (rather than quitting) provides very little health benefits.

Ways To Quit Smoking - Detail

Numerous hypnosis techniques exist, making it difficult to study this method as a means of quitting smoking. Reviews of controlled studies of hypnosis for smoking cessation have generally failed to find that it is an effective quitting method. Still, there are those who claim it’s beneficial. If you’re interested in trying hypnotherapy, your doctor should be able to recommend a qualified professional in the field.

Ways To Quit Smoking - Detail

The body releases feel-good endorphins and increases blood flow when you work out. You’ll feel so much better after an exercise session. It’s an excellent way to divert your attention away from the desire to smoke. Even a short walk around the block may be enough to curb your tobacco craving. Plus, exercising regularly is a fantastic way to combat the negative health effects of smoking.

Revise Your Routine
In order to stop smoking, you need to alter the routines that lead up to you lighting up. Substitute the routine of smoking with something else such as eating an apple, chocolate, drinking tea or anything you may prefer. Chewing gum or a lollipop can also aid with an oral fixation. You get the satisfaction of placing something in your mouth, minus the health hazards associated with smoking.

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