Design Your Dream Home
Design Your Dream Home
Design Your Dream Home - Detail

Tropicana’s home personalisation programme T-Living allows residents of Hana Residences Signature Villa Series to create their own unique versions of beautiful and luxurious abodes

They say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. At Hana Residences, this idiom rings true as Tropicana takes its dedication to Redefine the Art of Living to another level with its home personalisation programme known as T-Living. 

Exclusively for residents of Hana Residences Signature Villa Series, T-Living allows home owners of the two-storey and three-storey bungalows as well as two-storey semi-detached homes to choose their own preferred interiors, based on two curated colour palettes called Charisma and Bella. 

Like your home to be bright and luminous? Then Charisma would appeal to your sense of aesthetics, with its lighter theme and soothing colour scheme. For a more modern and stylish option, Bella satisfies the appetites of those looking for a darker and edgier but sophisticated home.

Design Your Dream Home - Detail

From specially selected tiles to wall finishes and flooring, there are a host of options available to residents. For bungalow units, solid timber flooring is available in a choice of two patterns, the herringbone and running bond. For the semi-detached units, laminated floor options are available in Sumatran Teak and Marino Walnut. This personalisation option applies to areas such as the yard, and bathrooms on the ground, first and second floors. Timber flooring personalisation applies to the first and second floor of the bungalow and semi-detached units. 

For an unforgettable grand entrance, residents can choose from two available options for their front door: solid timber core door with vertical or horizontal groovelines.
But that’s not all, choices abound for fittings too, based on the available options. For bathrooms, you can choose from either square or round fittings for the basin tap, shower mixer, and hand showers.  

Enhance your beautiful new home further with add-on packages that will elevate your living experience and make your dream home truly spectacular. There are various features to choose from, such as the Protection series, Smart series, Comfort series, and Eco series. 

If security is a main priority for you, then the Protection Series will be more to your liking. Under this package, homeowners will have a security alarm system which consists of a smoke detector (in the wet kitchen), door and window sensors (on upper floors), indoor wireless CCTV at the foyer and family area, and shower screen door.

If a smart home is what you’ve always wanted, the Smart Series is more suited to your needs. The Wireless Smart Home System (with phone apps control) consists of an emergency remote control button, smart lighting and air-conditioning control module, as well as a smart digital lockset. 

A comfortable home is truly a pleasurable experience. Boost your level of comfort with the Comfort Series which consists of air-conditioning units for the whole house including dining, bedrooms and family area. Additionally, you will also get an Eubiq power track that comes with two power adapters for the wet kitchen.

Design Your Dream Home - Detail

For those who are environmentally-conscious and want to reduce their carbon footprint, there is the Eco Series. For this package, homes will be equipped with a solar photovoltaic (PV) system which is designed to harvest solar energy for the unit's consumption. During power outages, the system will activate and draw electricity from its storage to power fans and lights for approximately two hours, ensuring residents remain comfortable. This is possible as the system is equipped with battery storage where excess electricity harvested during the day can be consumed at night. Besides that, it also reduces carbon emission, and utilises green energy. Residents in turn will see a reduction in their electricity bills. Bungalows will come with a 5kWp system, while semi-detached homes will come with a 3kWp system. 

Homes may also be equipped with electric vehicle chargers, with bungalows getting a 7.0kW charger and semi-detached houses receiving the 3.7kW charger.

Design Your Dream Home - Detail

With all these available options to choose from, homeowners can truly build their own distinctive abodes, based on their unique needs and requirements. Because at Tropicana, we believe that you should get the most of your living experience, as exemplified in our core mantra, The Art of Living. 

A luxurious life awaits you at Hana Residences as you set foot into a home that is crafted with exquisite attention to detail. Designed for refined multigenerational living, Hana Residences feature bungalow and semi-detached homes with land sizes ranging from 45'x80' to 80'x100'. At Tropicana Aman, nature lovers can revel in the host of outdoor activities available within the 85-acre sprawling Central Park where they can walk, bike or jog in the presence of nature as well as enjoy our world class facilities offered in Tropicana Aman's recreational hub.

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