Luxurious Life Hacks
Luxurious Life Hacks
Luxurious Life Hacks - Detail

A luxe interior oozes style and sophistication. Here, we bring you some life hacks to add a touch of pizzazz to your home’s interior and bring it to a new level of elegance

There’s something about lovely interiors that inspire the interior designer in all of us. Colour schemes, materials, shapes of the furniture, and room layouts are important elements that can make or break a room. Here, we list some ingenious ideas that can spark your creativity and inspire you to bring a touch of glamour to your own space.

Go glamorous with glass 
Use a glass box in place of a frame. Place one on a surface and fill it with items that are meaningful to you, such as holiday souvenirs, photos from your childhood, and postcards or gifts from friends. It will surely add an extra touch of glam to your home.

Turn teapots into floral vessels 
Teapots come in all shapes and sizes. Some are downright adorable, with their chubby and lovely shapes. Use their cuteness as a vessel for your favourite blooms instead of traditional vases. Their quirkiness will surely strike up a conversation among your guests!
Make a bold statement with wall art 
Just like in an art gallery, large pieces of art command attention as they become a focal point. At home, you can replicate this same effect by opting for large-scale art pieces as opposed to smaller ones. Go big or go home! 

Unbearable lightness of being
Maximise space and light and “increase” the square footage of your space without actually renovating by hanging a mirror. A well-placed mirror, particularly a large one, will create an optical illusion that will make a room feel bigger and brighter than it really is, as well as reflect any light that hits it. For optimum results, you may want to consider hanging a mirror near a window to bounce as much light as possible. 

Bling factor
For a bohemian-inspired home, why not repurpose your old rhinestone necklaces or any other blingy jewellery to make curtain tiebacks. The pretty pieces will add a certain je ne sais quoi to your home. Not to mention, it will elevate the beauty of your abode!

Scintillating scents
Imagine walking into a room and being greeted by the sweet smell of freesias. Whatever scent you favour, marking a room with its very own special scent is a surefire way to elevate it! A sweet-smelling room can instantly lift moods, relax and calm you down. Use scented candles, wax melts, incense, wall diffusers or simply simmering ingredients like cinnamon, vanilla, ginger or lemongrass on the stovetop!   

Go green
For a more natural appeal, consider adding house plants to fill out empty corners. In addition to bringing life to your home, research has found that rooms with plants have less dust and mould than rooms without any foliage. They also help to reduce anxiety and help you relax. For a high-end look, consider placing a large plant in a statement planter. For those who don’t have green thumbs, buy bouquets from the florist and display them around your home. 

Dramatic wall treatments
Perfect your window treatments by featuring full-length curtains. Not only do they make a space feel much more custom and luxurious, more importantly, hanging a curtain rod high will make the ceilings appear higher as high ceilings are usually associated with luxe interiors. Use luxurious fabric with a bit of sheen so they create lots of folds and watch the drama unfold! 

Plush carpeting 
A statement-making rug will not only ground your furniture, it also brings everything together by setting the stage for the rest of your room. Choose a large rug to accommodate your furniture arrangement. The texture, colour and size of the rug will add a more customised and luxurious look. 

Table toppers 
Nothing makes a statement quite like a dramatic table setting. Whether you’re preparing for an intimate dinner party or planning a big bash, tablescapes are a festive way to kick off any good celebration. For a beautiful table, think creative centerpieces, unexpected colour palettes, and a multitude of plants. 

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