Decrease Stress And Boost Productivity
Decrease Stress And Boost Productivity
Decrease Stress And Boost Productivity - Detail

Workplace stress can be an issue, but there are ways for employers to assist employees cope with and overcome stress

Encourage participation in social activities
Because employees spend a significant amount of time in close quarters with one another, it is in everyone’s best interest to ensure that they are as relaxed as possible. As colleagues spend more time together, they are better able to understand each other and break down barriers to communication and expectations, which makes subsequent encounters much smoother.

Establish a culture where transparency is valued
Make it a priority to foster an environment in which team members can speak freely and honestly with one another. Disputes amongst team members are likely to arise occasionally, so make sure you handle it right away in a manner that is professional, courteous and transparent.

Lack of communication can cause a surprising amount of tension. Many people are stressed not by the job they’re assigned to, but by the uncertainty surrounding it as a whole. The best way to alleviate this uneasiness is to encourage workers to speak up to management about any issues they may be having. It’s a good way to get concerns heard and questions answered.

Show appreciation for your staff
Appreciating the efforts of staff members and publicly acknowledging their achievements can have a profound effect on morale and productivity. When deciding how and when to show appreciation, keep in mind that each employee is unique. Some workers would rather have a note placed on their desk or an in-person thank you than be singled out in a meeting. No matter the method you use, employees will appreciate knowing that you’re cognisant of their accomplishment. They become happier and more at ease as a result, which reduces stress.

Manageable workload
Having too much to do is a common cause of stress. Time constraints are inevitable in most professions. That, however, is not the same as someone who is continuously faced with a mountain of duties that they simply cannot complete, or deadlines they cannot fulfil. As they continue to fall behind, they will feel helpless and overwhelmed. They then miss even more deadlines and suffer from greater anxiety or burnout. It’s critical to realise that in this case working more quickly or harder may not solve the problem. Instead, you need to take action to reorganise workloads, recruit additional support or make the parameters of a task more clear.

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