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While there are many adorable pet houses available, including bespoke options, there are other aspects to consider

Those who have pets will understand how much of a part animals play in the household dynamic. Our pets are members of our extended family, essential to our happiness, and they are certainly irreplaceable. And yet, as much as our pets enjoy our company, they also need their own space. Pet houses designed specifically for pets provide a warm, private haven for them to rest in occasionally. If and when they get tired of us, they can always retreat to the comfort of their little dwelling. Usually, only cats and dogs require their own abode. While there is a variety of cute pet homes as well as custom-made ones (think Paris Hilton’s two-storey mini mansion for her little dogs), there are other important factors to consider.

For instance, according to Susanne Hellman Holmstrom, the first cat psychologist in Sweden, cats have specific needs beyond the basics when it comes to their living quarters. As cats spend most of their time indoors, the requirements for their own home include a place to scratch, play and clean their fur. Based on these needs, Susanne teamed up with interior designer Eleonor Moschevitz to construct the Cat Flat. It resembles a wooden storage cabinet fitted with angled vertical slats to give it height and features three levels with interesting components and toys for kitties.  Suffice to say, our feline friends deserve a home that’s part playground and part home.

Dogs have slightly different requirements. Some dogs become overwhelmed by visitors or other animals, so an indoor dog house can provide them with a secure place to hide out when they feel scared or unsafe. When you think of outdoor dog houses, the first thing that springs to mind is protection because many dog breeds are weather-sensitive. Harsh weather (extreme cold or heat) will eventually take its toll on even tough dogs. Outdoor dog houses should be positioned above ground to allow for ventilation and painted in a light colour to reflect heat from the sun. It must also be high and spacious enough to enable the dog to fully stand up and wander about in it.

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