Bonding Over BigShot
Bonding Over BigShot
Bonding Over BigShot - Detail

One is an avid golfer while the other isn’t but Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina and son Dani Effendi have a lot of fun playing together at BigShot, and so can you!

“I’m only just learning to play golf. But what I love is to dress golf,” quips Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina (with a laugh) when asked whether she golfs or not. “I like the rush I get from hitting golf balls at the driving range, but I don’t have the time nor the patience to make it through an entire round on the course. On the other hand, playing (18 holes of golf) on a simulator only takes an hour, and it’s also more pleasant and comfortable - no sweatiness and frizzy hair, so I can jump into my next Zoom meeting right after,” she explains. 

The actress, producer, director and entrepreneur is referring to BigShot Indoor Golf & Entertainment Centre, which is the newest attraction at Tropicana Golf & Country Resort (“TGCR”) in Petaling Jaya. The centre is ideal for individuals who dislike playing golf in the scorching sun, a struggle for many golfers in Malaysia due to the hot and humid weather, not to mention the occasional rain. BigShot, located in the Sports Wing of TGCR, is suitable for both serious golfers who want to improve their swing and novices who want to learn about the game and have some fun with their family and friends. “BigShot is a great complement to the existing amenities at TGCR, which include a variety of dining options, tennis courts, swimming pool and the actual golf course, among others. You can play at BigShot when the driving range is full, to warm up before your game on the course or to make up for a shot you missed earlier,” explains Tiara, who along with her family, are TGCR members. 

She adds that she and her family visit TGCR almost every weekend to dine at either the Japanese, Chinese, Korean or Italian restaurant. BigShot is great for the whole family especially for birthdays and family get-togethers, notes Tiara. “It's nice to see families enjoying karaoke, watching live sports together on our 10 giant screens, having fun on our VR machines and multi-sports simulators. And it's also really popular as a venue for corporate events and team building!”

Bonding Over BigShot - Detail

BigShot’s novel concept is available to both TGCR members and the general public, and it provides a “genuine golf” experience by letting players review and analyse their shots. “At BigShot, you can practise, coach or just play golf whenever you choose on the PGA course of your choice, no matter the weather. You can choose from 100 of the world’s most iconic courses including Pebble Beach, Augusta Links or the Old Course at St Andrews, without having to leave KL!” exclaims Dani Effendi, who together with his father, former politician Tan Sri Effendi Norwawi, established BigShot. BigShot’s simulator bays and private suites are both outfitted with the Bravo Golf system, which is widely regarded as the best golf simulator in the world owing to its superior visuals and cutting-edge graphics of famous golf courses across the globe.

Accuracy in tracking and measuring shots is 99.99 percent thanks to its High-Speed Dual Camera System and three-dimensional monitoring. The Swing Analysis function tracks the flight of the ball after each swing, displaying data such as the shot’s distance, ball speed, clubhead speed, trajectory and more. And, in order to determine how well you are striking the ball, you can use the Impact Analysis feature so you can analyse your clubhead path with real images all the way through the impact zone. Plus, the dynamic sound and visuals, as well as the varied weather settings, give the sensation that you are actually playing on the course of your dreams.

Effendi shares, “We’ve personally experienced how our golf is transformed with the simulator, because it is a very efficient way of improving your game. With golf simulator technology, you could playback your shot in slow-mo to see exactly what your swing looked like, what needs to be corrected and then work on that until you get your shot right.” The best part about having a golf simulator for him is the flexibility of fixing time to play golf with Dani, outside their hectic schedules. This allows them to spend time together as a family while doing something they both enjoy. “My ultimate hope for BigShot is that it brings as much joy to as many people as it has given me and my dad,” notes 23-year-old Dani, who is currently pursuing his MBA at the Malaysia University of Science and Technology in Kota Damansara.

BigShot is a place that non-golfers may enjoy as well. Football, frisbee, bowling, baseball, foosball, disc golf, ice hockey and a shooting game are just some of the games that can be played on the venue’s multi-sport simulators. Also available are American pool tables and virtual reality (VR) machines. “I’m a big VR enthusiast! I really wanted VR machines that will transport you to the world of Tron: Legacy. So, I personally chose the iconic Light Bike and VR Racing Simulator as seen in the Tron movies, and we also have the only Kat VR Omni Directional Treadmill in KL. There are also two Oculus VR bays featuring the most popular VR games like Beat Saber, Super Hot VR, Arizona Sunshine and Pavlov VR games,” says Dani, adding that BigShot is designed to be fun for everyone, no one gets left behind.

From his observation, apart from the golf simulators, many who visit BigShot are drawn toward the VR machines too because of how exciting and engaging the experience is for them. Like the rest of BigShot’s games, they’re a blast to play and a great way to forget about the stresses of daily life. Discover more at or call 03-7887 5777.

Bonding Over BigShot - Detail

BigShot’s Best
1. TEN massive state-of-the-art golf simulator screens that provide a “real golf” experience for practising, coaching or playing your dream PGA course.

2. THREE Private Golf Suites to play golf in, hold meetings, throw birthday celebrations, entertain and impress clients or host corporate presentations on the massive projection screen. Each suite comes with a karaoke set.

3. With 12,000 sq ft of event space, BigShot is the perfect venue for product launches, corporate events, film screenings, runway shows, parties and more. It’s also the perfect place to watch live sports as it has 10 screens for simultaneous streaming/screening, a sound system ready for plug-and-play as well as food and drinks from the Blue Bunker bar. The jumbo popiah (spring roll) is a must-try!

4. Ideal venue for team building activities due to the huge space and abundance of games, many of which promote teamwork and present challenges.
5. Parking is free!

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