Holiday Treats
Holiday Treats
Holiday Treats - Detail

Tropicana Gardens Mall boasts the best sinful yet heavenly assortment of sweet treats during this season of indulgence.

Ainul Cookies & Co.

Ainul Cookies & Co.’s cookies and brownies are made with premium ingredients. They are prepared fresh daily to guarantee customer satisfaction. Hard cookies, soft cookies, cookie-based brownies and cookie bars are all available. Plus, the all-pink shop is Insta-worthy!

Location: CC-45 & 46, Concourse Floor - Centre Court

Instagram: ainulcookiesandco

Holiday Treats - Detail

From left to right:

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

This popular F&B chain is well-known for its excellent coffee and tea selection, but it also offers tasty savoury and sweet options. These include puffs and pies, Cookies & Cream Tiramisu, Chicago Cheesecake and Royal Chocolate Cake among others.

Location: CC-51, Concourse Floor - East Walk

Tel: 03-7625 8567

Krispy Kreme

It's tough to pick a favourite Krispy Kreme doughnut because they’re all so delicious. The selection is huge, with flavours like Almond All Over, Chocolate Dream, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Powdered Strawberry Filled, Caramel Cookies and many more!

Location: CC-K02 & K03, Concourse Floor - East Walk

Tel: 03-7625 8187

Beard Papa’s

Beard Papa's cream puffs are always served fresh, allowing you to savour their crispy skin and moist filling. They are prepared with natural ingredients and do not include any preservatives. Choose from Eclair Puff, Cookie Crunch Puff, Mango Puff and more. 

Location: Lot CC-K01A, Concourse Floor


Gula Cakery

Want to taste a slice of heaven? Head to Gula Cakery. You’ll be spoiled for choice as the shop has 150 original cake flavours! Among them are Nutella Burnt Cheesecake, Momofuku Strawberry Cake, Blackout Chocolate Cake, Raspberry Pistachio Cake, Keylime Tart, Twix Caramel Pie and more!

Location: CC-47, Concourse Floor - Centre Court

Tel: 03-7660 6719

Holiday Treats - Detail

From left to right:

Secret Recipe

This famous cake shop and café has a wide range of cakes available to suit your fancy. Highly recommended is the Chocolate Indulgence, a cocoa sponge cake with layers of Belgian white and dark chocolate, coated with melted chocolate. Simply divine!

Location: Lot CC-49 & 49a, Concourse Floor

Tel: 03-7662 7091

Cottle Coffee

Cottle Coffee from Australia offers not only 13 varieties of freshly roasted coffee beans from around the world, but also a selection of sweet treats that pair well with the coffees. Cinnamon rolls, muffins, burnt cheesecake and pain au chocolat Danish are among them.

Location: Unit CC-01 (Office Tower), Concourse Floor

Tel: 03-7660 4739

Maison Des Pains

In search of authentic French breads
and pastries? Look no further than Maison Des Pains. Pistachio Cherry Financier, Valhorna Dark Chocolate Madeleines,  Chocolate Raspberry Molten Cake, Crème Patisserie Peach Tart, Rye Loaf and more
can all be found here.

Location: Lot CC-76 & 77, Concourse Floor

Tel: 03-7661 1894

Auntie Anne’s

The pretzels at Auntie Anne's are really fresh, which is a key selling point. Must-try flavours are the Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel, Chocolate Mint Pretzel, Choco Eclairs Pretzel and Caramel Raisin Pretzel with dips that include caramel, cheese and chocolate.

Location: CC-K51, Concourse Floor - East Walk

Tel: 03-7665 3067

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