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From the traditional to the trendy, Tropicana Gardens Mall houses a variety of places to have tea at. Treat yourself to a good cuppa and a few sweet or savoury nibbles, as you please.

STARBUCKS RESERVE While Starbucks Reserve offers a selection of the rarest, most extraordinary coffees, there are also many types of tea available here. Teavana is the super-premium tea brand under Starbucks, which features a line of ethically-sourced and handpicked natural teas that are sold in all Starbucks stores. These teas may also form the basis of other handcrafted beverages at Starbucks.

Location: G-22, Ground Floor - West Walk   Tel: 03-7665 5478

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TEALIVE You have a tonne of options when you visit Tealive because there are so many different kinds of beverages, ranging from its famous brown sugar pearl milk tea and handcrafted teas, to coffee and smoothies. No wonder Tealive is the largest lifestyle tea brand in Southeast Asia, with 650 locations across three continents!

Location: CC-K42, Concourse Floor - West Walk   Tel: 012-289 8581

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TRUEDAN This award-winning Taiwanese brand is devoted to using only the highest quality “bubble” in your tea. Not only are they the right size, but each “bubble” is freshly cooked in-store to ensure the ideal texture and taste. Furthermore, the brown sugar used is the result of years of mixing and experimenting, which led Truedan to uncover the key to well-caramelised smokey brown sugar.

Location: CC-K53, Concourse Floor - East Walk   www.facebook.com/truedanmalaysia

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SHANG GUAN CHI TSE For tea that is steeped in tradition and history, head to Shang Guan Chi Tse. The shop specialises in various types of Chinese tea, ranging from Pu-erh tea, white tea, black tea, dark tea, Liu Bao tea, Rou Gui tea, Oolong tea, Tie Kuan Yin tea, Huang Jin Gui tea, and many more. The teas are packaged in a variety of styles, ranging from simple designs to those in tins and boxes that are elegant enough to be given as gifts.

Location: LG-12, Lower Ground Floor - East Walk   Tel: 012-288 6613

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GONG CHA The term “Gong Cha” refers to the ancient custom of serving tea to royalty such as the Emperor of China. In the same way, Gong Cha wants to give everyone only the best quality tea because they believe each customer is as important to them as royalty. So, go to Gong Cha for some of the finest tea fit for a king or queen!

Location: CC-02, Concourse Floor - East Walk   www.gong-cha.com.my

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GULA CAKERY A hot day calls for a tall glass of refreshing tea with a slice of lemon and mint leaves. Add a slice of heaven in the form of a pavlova cake with berries on top, and you’re guaranteed to find joy! Gula Cakery also has other variety of teas and cakes (150 original flavours!) for your enjoyment.

Location: CC-47, Concourse Floor - Centre Court   Tel: 03-7660 6719

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