China's Wonder Watches
China's Wonder Watches - Detail

China has emerged as a prominent player in the global market for watch movements, enabling Chinese watch brands to gain acclaim and recognition

1. Memorigin’s Time Witness tourbillon watch boasts a power reserve of 80 hours, day and night indicator, and an exotic alligator strap in pink.

2. This M171S Automatic Mechanical Watch Power Reserve Flywheel is made by Tianjin Seagull Watch Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of mechanical watch movements.

3. The Longio X-Racer watch’s titanium case is lightweight, extremely wear-resistant, and incredibly comfortable thanks to its ergonomic wrist design.

4. Master Cheng, the sole guilloché master craftsman in China and possibly all of Asia, handcrafted the dial of this watch from Atelier Wen’s Perception series.

5. This Atelier Wen watch mixes a modern design with traditional Chinese elements that you may overlook at first but will appreciate upon closer inspection.

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