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The Value Of Quality Education


At Tropicana, education is one of the key cornerstones of its corporate social responsibility agenda.

The Group believes that everyone should have the opportunity to obtain quality education as this leads to endless possibilities. For young people, quality education means giving them a head start to build a better future for themselves, but also, leads to stronger communities being built.

When Foon Yew Associated Chinese School in Johor Bahru celebrated its School’s 100th Anniversary celebrations, Tropicana took the opportunity to support this long-standing centre of education with a donation of RM500,000.

Foon Yew, set up in 1913, is the oldest and the largest Chinese independent school in Malaysia, in terms of both students and campus size. It has a main campus in the Stulang and another branch Kulai with over 10,000 students. The school aims to provide holistic higher education while implementing the Chinese education system. Recently, the school was given the approval by the Government of Malaysia to open another branch in Pasir Gudang.

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