Digital Edge Daily - 7 September 2015 - Tropicana Corp Berhad

7 September 2015

Tropicana Corp Bhd Tropicana Corp marketing and sales senior general manager Ung Lay Ting says The Edge Kuala Lumpur Rat Race has become an annual tradition of the company. "As a community builder, we believe it is our duty to engage with communities in which we belong and society at large she says". Tropicana has participated in the race since 2004, and this year would mark its 14th consecutive run. "The Rat Race is a novel effort to inspire everyone to be committed in creating a positive impact and contribute to the greater good of the community says Ung. After contributing to society via various means and platforms for over a decade, the company institutionalised its charitable initiatives under the Tropicana Foundation m 2013. It hopes to lead by example and encourage more companies to contribute to society through various charitable efforts.