Sin Chew Daily - Supplement, 26 May 2014 - Tropicana opens flagship store in Singapore to attract overseas buyers

Sin Chew Daily - Supplement , 26 May 2014

Tropicana Corporation Berhad Unveils Flagship Sales Gallery in Singapore

Attracting Overseas Property Investors

Tropicana Corporation Berhad Tropicana Chief Executive Officer Dato' Yau Kok Seng believes that the incoming developers from China in Iskandar Malaysia's region are not a threat. Instead, he thinks that it will expose Iskandar Malaysia to the property sector in China, allowing foreign investors to better understand local projects in the area, this will help local developers finally break into China's market.

Iskandar Malaysia Breaks into China's Market

He said that Country Garden, R&F Properties and Greenland Group are the top tier developers in China, each have separately invested billions of ringgit into Iskandar Malaysia's development projects, which proves its growth potential.

Strategically located within Zone D of Iskandar Malaysia, our recently launched development - Tropicana Danga Cove has recorded a take up rate of 60%, with the success of the region

promoted not just by the private sector, but also by the government sponsored initiatives' Dato�Yau Kok Seng had earlier hosted the unveiling of its new flagship sales gallery in Singapore with a press conference.

Also attending were representatives including Tropicana Executive Director (Marketing & Sales) Pamela Loh and Tropicana Managing Director of Southern Region, Lee Han Ming.

Dato' Yau reasoned that Khazanah has heavily invested in many projects, Legoland Malaysia, Pinewood Studios' EduCity and large scale upgrades of the transportation system. In addition, are the projects slated for completion in 2020, such as the High-Speed Railway system (HSR) and the new Singapore-Johor Bahru Railway Transit System (RTS) that will greatly improve accessibility.

He said that more Singaporean manufacturers would move their industrial factories into the region, Singaporean owned Temasek Holdings and Capital Land have also joined in the foray, creating a higher demand for the properties in the area and promoting the Tropicana brand to the international audience.

40% of buyers are international investors from Singapore.

Sales Campaign Hits RM300 million in 3 weeks.