Nanyang Siang Pau - Supplement, 16 June 2014 - Stable returns to stand the test

Nanyang Siang Pau - Supplement, 16 June 2014

Secure Returns when Standing Up to the Test

If possible, we would attempt to place a full yearâ's returns, into twelve months, so that it is easier to control the risks.

For example, if the deposit rate is 3% per year, then if we divide it into 12 months, it is only 0.25%; as long as we can find better investment returns this month, for example, three months with 0.75%; six months with 1.5 %, and we will have met the deposit goals.

Risk control and high success rates

Within a few short months, the risk has been properly managed, the opportunity to succeed increases. However, most people think that this takes a lot of effort, so they are reluctant to proceed.

In fact, steady returns require the perseverance to stand the test of time; whereas systemic risk cannot be avoided, but through logical regulating and good practices, we can lower its risk factor.

In the end, time is but one of the evaluation points for efficient performance, forever recording the results of your decisions.

Last week, we chose to change up HAPSENG ast the situation continues to be bullish, with the stock advancing to 3.36 ringgit, while vouchers are worth 1.66 ringgit, it is definitely indicative of a more beautiful future to come.

At the same time, Jobstreet Corporation Berhad (JOBST) stock price remains sluggish, this week, on the 20th, there will be an interim dividend of 1.75 cents, we are glad to buy at this price, so bought 2 million shares (RM2.43 ringgit per share).

As the value isnâ't small, we moved some stocks to raise cash funds, including selling of MWE Holdings Bhdâ's 6000 shares (MWE, 1 .64 ringgit per share); 15,000 shares of YTL Power (YTLPWR, 1.54 ringgit per share), and the recovering Tropicana Corporation Berhadâ's 10,000 shares (1.51 ringgit TROP, per share).