Nanyang Siang Pau, 31 May 2014 - Health Carnival

Nanyang Siang Pau, 31 May 2014

Deputy Health Minister: Increasing awareness among the elderly
Citizens should seek early prevention against diseases

(Petaling Jaya) Deputy Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Hilmi Yahaya who launched the carnival, said there was a need for better public awareness of foot problems and other aspects of health. "Malaysia is an ageing population because we live longer now. After Merdeka in 1957, our life expectancy was less than 60, but now it has increased to 73 and 76 for men and women respectively. "So now we have more age-related health problems, especially those resulting from the feet. Many elderly people suffer form arthritis and backaches but young people are also affected, especially women who wear high heels and stand for long durations," he said after the launch.