Kwong Wah Yit Poh, 29 May 2014 - My home, My dream

Kwong Wah Yit Poh, 29 May 2014

The Perfect Home is Not a Dream drawing competition How do children picture their dream homes' Take advantage of the school holidays, and take your children to Gurney Paragon to participate in the newspaper 's " My dream home" drawing competition , let them use colours to depict their expectations of a perfect home , with the inclusion of their families.

The event will be held on May 31( Saturday ) morning at Gurney Paragon, with registration at 10am , the competition starts at 11am , and awards time begins at 13:30pm.
( My dream home ) drawing competition is in line with the newspaper 's exhibition theme of (My Home, My Dream) for the industrial trade fair , while parents watch and collect information about the industry , their children may participate in the drawing and colouring contest , doing both allows for true visualisation of their dream home.

The contest teams for " My Dream Home" competition is divided into two groups : A Group is for Standard one to three students ,and four to six years of elementary school goes into Group B . Charges at RM5 per contestants. The organizers will provide paper , and all participants must bring their own utensils; colour pencils, crayons or mixed media are allowed. Work must be complete within two hours.

In order to encourage the children to express their happiness , the newspaper has also prepared a rich reward , the champion for A Group will receive a cash prize of RM100, the runner-up receives cash prize of RM80, and lastly, the runner-up receives a cash prize of RM50. 5 consolation prizes, each worth RM20 have also been prepared. Group B will be awarded a cash prize of RM200, runner-up with a cash prize of RM150, second runner-up a cash prize of RM100, and 5 consolation awards worth RM50 each. Each winner will also receive a trophy and Kidland entry voucher.

Welcoming students, parents and schools to enrol in the " My Dream Home" drawing competition , asking and registration Office : newspaper Head Office 04-2612312 , 04-6433298 southwest Regional Office ' 04 offices in North Sea . -3331475 , big foot of office 04-5395690 details may also visit the Facebook Fan Page : My HoMe, My DReaM KWYP Property Fair 2014

( Penang 28 With picturesque natural charm , world-famous authentic cuisine , multi- ethnic cultures, as well as highly livable city status , Penang is full of infinite charm, known as the " Oriental Pearl ", it is not only making people proud , but many foreigners would love to consider Penang as the best choice for a new home in the city .

Penang's market in the past five years, have become thriving and booming ,because Penang has the best climate, geography and people , attracting foreigners and foreign investment alike, despite the authorities enforcing cooling measures, but Penang house prices continue to climb up , the industry outlook is still looking pretty good!

As a small island, Penang has natural geographical advantages, there are mountainous areas with less land , so the prices are quickly catching up to Kuala Lumpur’s property prices , Penang is now the second most populated city in the country. However, people lamented that the salary rates have yet to catch up. In the eyes of foreigners , Penang prices on an international level is still relatively cheap when compared , even to Hong Kong , China ,Japan or Singapore and other international cities, it is more affordable .

Therefore Penang real estate is still sought-after as long as economic conditions permit , people are hoping to realize their dreams in Penang , and achieve ownership of their dream house .

Providing the best price

Looking at the former Penang industrial market, by readers demand , this year is the first ever industrial trade show , bringing developers of excellent reputation to our readers ! " Kwong Wah Yit Poh" said that it took full force to organized this industrial trade fair, which is designed to cater to the local Penang state, with a positive outlook and strong market demand, this allows the newspaper to enjoy a deep understanding of its readers and consumers.

Lucky Draw Twice a day

Visit Kwong Wah's (My Home, My Dream) industrial exhibition in 2014, not only can you get the latest information about real estate , but you may purchase the ideal home , but also the opportunity to HSBC apartment lucky to win a prize , do both !
In the three days of exhibition, where each day will see two events of lucky draw , as long as the public fills in the lucky draw entry form at the counter within the three days of exhibition , they stand a chance to take away the grand prize.

Talk on how to buy properties

The newspaper also invited a number of heavyweight lecturers , providing industrial investment, market information , interior design, and even explaining the art of feng shui, you should absolutely not miss this event . At two sessions each day , on the first day ( May 30 ) the first lecture is on Feng Shui by Taiwan International Master - Tang Tian De with his speech titled: "Doorway into your Home Chamber " (3.30pm to 5pm): followed by a renowned local architecture and interior designer Chan Xin Long to bring "green building, garden house

Exhibitors : features 36 display booth grid , has been signed by exhibitors have huihua Industry Group (Hunza Properties), Wenxiu Group (BSG}, Tropicana, IJM and loyalty company , Great Eastern , Hengda Landmark Tambun Indah, Malaysia Star Group.

( Friday to Sunday) May 30 - June 1 , a series of three days, from 10 am to 22:00 pm, held at Gurney Paragon Penang shopping plaza , gathering major developers to bring you your ideal home , so that consumers can browse the latest industrial development projects .

The industry trade shows allows people to access the latest developments with information and may make the enquiry on bank loans to developers for units under the same roof , so that you can have all the information before you decide to purchase. Developers will also provide various preferential promotion to homebuyers , as well as through preferential support to attract homebuyers .