Selangor Times, 15 July 2011 – Selangor will introduce guidelines for High-Rise Building Joint Management which will rationalise the management fee according to classification

Selangor Times, 15 July 2011

(Petaling Jaya) To prevent the Joint Management Committee of the high-rise buildings from charging management fees that are too high, the Selangor State government is expected to introduce and implement a new set of guidelines on the high-rise building management fee, ensuring the management fee paid by the residents is reasonable.

Selangor Exco Member Iskandar Abdul Samad pointed out that the state government will come out with a reasonable management fee based on classification, dimension and services provided at the high-rise buildings to standardise all high-rise building's management fee.

Citing the management fee for low-cost apartments as an example, he said the management fee for low-cost apartments ranges from RM10 to RM70. The big difference is due to the lack of legislation regulating the management fee of high-rise buildings.

"The guidelines, however, is still in drafting stage. The State government is also identifying which legislation could be used to act against the defaulting management committee. The guidelines should be able to put into implementation within one month the latest during the Ramadan month," he said.

With the implementation of the guidelines, he believes that this will help residents of high-rise buildings to understand better how the management fees are calculated.

He said, "Some residents are complaining that the management fee they are paying is too high and refuse to pay up, thus creating a lot of problems."

YB Iskandar Abdul Samad said this when he attended the Dream Home Awards ceremony organised by the MPBJ. He also called on house developers not only to build homes but also to develop an "integrated community", whereby there are high-priced units as well as affordable units to create a more comfortable and conducive environment.

For the first time this year, MPBJ organised the Dream Home Awards which divided the high-rise buildings in its territory into three categories, i.e. High-priced Condominiums, Medium-priced Apartments and Low-cost Apartments. The management committees of all the buildings were graded according to their performances so as to encourage the management committees to continue providing quality services.

There were two winners in each category and one of the categories was chosen as the Best Management Committee, winning a cash prize of RM10,000.

YB Iskandar Abdul Samad gives away Dream Home Awards to the winning management committees.
"Dream Home Awards" Winners High-priced Condominiums Category:
PJU3 Sunway Opal Damansara Sterling Condo
Medium-priced Apartment Category:
Casa Indah 1 Apartments, Jalan Surian Tiara Kelana, Kelana Jaya
Low-cost Apartment Category:
PJU1 Sri Ara SD Apartment 2, Sri Damansara