Nanyang Siang Pau, 2 October 2011 - The more expensive the condominium, the better it sells

Nanyang Siang Pau, 2 October 2011

In the past, people became speechless when millions of terraced houses were built. What do people think of the millions of condominiums built today?

The millions of high-class and luxury condominiums in the market today are not something new anymore but this still describes the current trend. Despite the economic fluctuations, the demand for such property did not suffer any blow.

Other than the increase in prices, the standards of facilities, surrounding environment and amenities have also risen in standards to the extent that it can be described as luxurious.

Most importantly, despite the increase in supply and continuous fluctuations in the economy, the demand for these luxury condominiums did not suffer much.

An artists’ impression of luxury condominiums