Nanyang Siang Pau, 22 December 2009 – Residents of Bandar Utama appeal to Selangor Goverment to re-study the plan to reopen Jalan Tanjung

Nanyang Siang Pau , 22 December 2009

Petaling Jaya, 21 December 2009: Persiaran Tropicana Jalan Tanjung was reopened to one-way traffic; however, the residents of Bandar Utama request Selangor Government to discuss the reopening again. They appealed not to open Jalan Tanjung as a public road as this will cause traffic congestion.

Jalan Tanjung was reopened to one-way traffic by Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid at the beginning of this month. The road links Persiaran Tropicana and Kota Damansara to Bandar Utama, SPRINT highway or Damansara-Puchong highway.

The residents of Bandar Utama are strongly against this action because they think that the reopening of Jalan Tanjung will worsen the traffic congestion. They also blamed Selangor Government for neglecting the interest of residents from Bandar Utama.

Bandar Utama Residents Association (BURA) announced in a statement that all related parties have to obey the agreement and the contents of the contract that has been issued by the developer. The 800sqm land belongs to Bandar Utama City Corporation (BUCC). The contract also stated that BUCC has made an agreement with the former developer to temporarily open Jalan Tanjung until year of 2007.

“In other words, after the contract ended in 2007, Jalan Tanjung is an illegal road.”

The statement mentioned that Jalan Tanjung is not the only exit of Persiaran Tropicana. In fact, residents of Persiaran Tropicana still have five alternative exit roads and it takes only five to ten minutes to travel; therefore, the problem of neglecting the interest of Tropicana residents and the public does not exist.

“The problem “involving public interest” as stated by the Selangor Government does not exist; on the contrary, the interest of Bandar Utama has been totally neglected.”

The statement also stated that the interest of public should come from different points-of-view such as crime rate, residential security and Selangor tax payer’s interest. That statement also request the Selangor Government to study again the plan of reopening of Jalan Tanjung and remind that residents of Bandar Utama are also the voters during election, therefore, it is necessary to figure out a solution that satisfies all related parties.

Menteri Besar: Avoid road block again, will acquire land from private company

Menteri Besar Selangor Tan Sri Khalid said that Selangor Government will acquire Jalan Tanjung from the private company in order to avoid the incident of road closure again and to ensure that the public can continue to use the road.

He stated that the Selangor government is trying to acquire the land from Bandar Utama City Corporation (BUCC) and they made sure that Jalan Tanjung continues to be open to public during this period.

According to The Sun Daily, Khalid told a reporter that once the application for the road acquisition is approved, the developer will have to extent the original road to three lanes. Two of the lanes are links to Bandar Utama from Persiaran Tropicana while the other lane links to Persiaran Tropicana.

This road serves as a link for cars coming from the direction of Kota Damasara and Sungai Buloh to the residential area of Bandar Utama, and also to SPRINT highway from Lebuh Raya Bandar Utama.

Khalid also mentioned that since residents are using this road, the developer is considering financing the upgrading works for the road.

Shukri, the president of BURA supported the plan of the land acquisition by the Selangor Government. In fact, this is the decision that the residents want.

“I believe that the Selangor Government did pay attention to this issue that affects the traffic of the area. This is also the reason why they took this action.”