Guang Ming , 02 December 2009 – Jalan Tanjung Eventually Reopened: Associations to apply for injunction against road closure

Guang Ming ,2 December 2009

Petaling Jaya: After a series of complaints and appeals by motorists and residents, Jalan Tanjung was finally reopened on Tuesday morning as a one-way traffic, i.e. the road is only opened for traffic from Tropicana to Bandar Utama, while motorists coming from Bandar Utama to Tropicana still have to U-turn.

A Guang Ming reporter was at the scene on Tuesday morning and noticed that Jalan Tanjung was opened to traffic as a one-way traffic.
Many motorists, who had experienced ‘foul play’ before this, tried their luck on Tuesday morning.

En Shahalim, a traffic officer at the scene said motorists and parents are worried that when the new term for school opens and Jalan Tanjung remains closed, it would cause inconveniences for the students and motorists. It is expected that about 20,000 residents from 19 residential areas at Damansara will be affected.

Jalan Tanjung was supposed to opened on Monday under the directive of Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid. But, security guards at the scene said that there was no directive to open the road. News media received a faxed notice that Jalan Tanjung will be opened at 9pm, Monday night.

Reporters from various news media waited at the scene from 9pm to 10.30pm, but nothing happened. MBPJ personnel then slipped away quietly.

Various parties expected that the road would not reopen, but it was opened at an early hour on Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile, the Anti Road Reopening Committee sms’ed the general manager of the developer, and told him that the case has been brought to court, and the court will make a decision on 12 December 2009.

At first, the Guang Ming reporter failed to stop motorists travelling on Jalan Tanjung for an interview. Finally, he succeeded with the help of security guards at the scene, who stopped a few motorists.

However, many motorists wound up their car window and sped away upon discovering the identity of the reporter.

Voice of the residents
Mr Lai (72): I was thinking that Jalan Tanjung is opened to traffic, but the road heading towards Tropicana remained closed. A trip of 30 minutes now takes 50 minutes.
Mr Law (40): I tried my luck on Tuesday morning. I was very happy that the road is opened. Keeping it open will save a lot of inconveniences.
Mr Lim (36): Although I am least affected by the road closure but I think that keeping it open is more convenient.

Jalan Tanjung

Motorists have to U-turn as the road from Bandar Utama to Tropicana remains closed.

Jalan Tanjung

Jalan Tanjung was opened as a one-way traffic on Tuesday morning, allowing traffic from Tropicana to travel to Bandar Utama.