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At 27, So Shien Yong already owns a company and could be a trailblazer in the field of smart device upgrades and customisation

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So Shien Yong has always wanted to own a Tropicana property ever since he was a boy, and he has his heart set on a lovely corner lot at Tropicana Golf & Country Resort (“TGCR”) in Petaling Jaya. While he is still working towards that goal, the young man has at least been able to partner with Tropicana in April this year. “I remember seeing a corner lot property for sale at TGCR when I was in high school.

To one day acquire a property there would be a blessing!” he exclaims, adding that the opportunity to collaborate with Tropicana recently was an added advantage and motivation for him. The founder and director of Flawless Group Sdn Bhd, which creates Apple Watch covers under the brand name Amarald Co., says his company had an event at the Tropicana Gardens Office Tower where his clients were invited to collect their Amarald Co. sets at the Experiential Hall, a luxurious event space with breathtaking views of a golf club. “As a start-up company, working with Tropicana, which has developed impressive landmarks throughout Malaysia, is a huge honour for us.” He notes that his company’s values are in sync with Tropicana’s. “To us, it’s all about the customer. Our loyal customers, the driving force behind the success of our company, are always at the forefront of our business.”

Shien Yong got his business idea in June last year when he noticed that the popularity of Apple Watches had increased but there were few choices for customising them. “All Apple watches look very generic as the only way to customise them is by changing the strap.”

Amarald Co.’s Apple Watch covers come in a range of styles, from sleek to statement-making, and straps in various colours. They include the Carbon Fibre Frame with touches of Rose Gold, Midnight Black 18K Rose Gold Silicon Classic, Marine Blue 18K Rose Gold Silicon Classic, Absolute Black Silicon Classic, Polished Silver Silicon Classic, 23K Yellow Gold Silicon Classic, 18K Rose Gold Silicon Classic, Polished Silver Leather Classic and Absolute Black Stainless Steel Classic, 18K Rose Gold Titanium Frame Series, and more.

Watch This Space - Detail

After scouting for watchmakers, designers, marketeers and content creators, Shien Yong and his team spent months planning, designing and developing Amarald Co. prior to its January 2022 launch. “A common reaction from someone who has seen our products is, ‘Wow, these are gorgeous’. Not only have we attracted watch lovers as clients, but we’re also getting a positive response from individuals wishing to update their wristwear.” What makes Amarald Co. special is its customers, says Shien Yong. “Our customers exhibit a distinct personality trait that we can identify. Each of them has a single goal in mind: to stand out from the crowd. They are bold, daring and willing to express themselves in unconventional ways.” Before recommending an Amarald Co. creation to a potential customer, he needs to learn more about the customer’s interests, style preferences and other factors. “Each of our frame is unique to its owner in terms of material, style, serial code and colour.” 

The Rose Gold Silicon Classic is Shien Yong’s personal favourite. “It suits many different occasions, like business meetings, social gatherings, or even activities like golfing and jogging.” Shien Yong points out that Amarald Co. is a complementary product to the  Apple Watch, and there aren’t many other retailers in this area.  “Eventually, we want to be able to call ourselves pioneers in the field of smart device upgrades and customisation,” he says, adding that he is looking into expanding his business in Southeast Asia.

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