Christmas Roasts To Remember
Christmas Roasts To Remember
Christmas Roasts To Remember - Detail

This carefully crafted Christmas roast turkey is a culinary masterpiece, meticulously cooked to perfection, resulting in an irresistibly succulent and tender centrepiece. Its exquisite flavour is elevated with the aromatic essence of thyme, the peppery zest of arugula, and the comforting warmth of roasted potatoes. And as a delightful surprise, the dish is adorned with the vibrant burst of fresh cranberries, adding a sweet and tangy contrast to every bite. To complement this culinary symphony, a luscious cranberry sauce is served on the side, intensifying the layers of flavour and providing an extra dimension of festive indulgence. This dish is sure to be the star of your holiday celebration, delivering a chorus of tastes and textures that will leave everyone enchanted and craving for more.

Christmas Roasts To Remember - Detail

If your taste buds lean towards lamb, get ready to be entranced by the gastronomic pleasure that awaits you: an impeccably roasted leg of lamb, graced with a velvety mushroom sauce that infuses an exquisite flavour into every bite, creating a savoury symphony for your palate. This dish is garnished with garden-fresh vegetables, including tender asparagus spears, fragrant rosemary sprigs, lightly sautéed zucchini slices, vibrant carrot medallions, and a sumptuous serving of creamy mashed potatoes. Another gastronomic delight is the roast chicken, served with mushroom sauce for added richness. Crisp asparagus, green and red peppers, aromatic parsley, roasted potatoes, and zesty lemon slices elevate the flavours and textures of this beloved dish.

*These dishes will be available in December 2023

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