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Datuk Nicol Ann David
Datuk Nicol Ann David is a retired professional squash player widely regarded as one of the greatest squash players of all time. She won eight World Championship titles, five British Open titles, two Commonwealth Games gold medals, and five Asian Games gold medals.

Nicol was born in Penang in 1983. She began playing squash at the age of five and quickly rose through the ranks of the junior game. She won her first World Junior Championship title in 1999 and became the youngest woman to win the title twice when she won again in 2001.

Nicol turned pro in 2001, swiftly becoming a global powerhouse with eight World Championship titles, starting with her first in 2005. She also held the world No. 1 ranking for an unprecedented and extended duration, setting a remarkable record in the sport.

Nicol retired in 2019 after a glittering two-decade career, leaving a lasting legacy and inspiring athletes worldwide.

Game Changers - Detail

Chloe Kim
Chloe Kim won Olympic gold in the women's snowboard halfpipe event twice, first in Pyeongchang, South Korea in 2018, and then in Beijing, China in 2022. Her achievement marks her as the trailblazing pioneer, being the first woman to claim two Olympic gold medals in this particular event.

Chloe started snowboarding at four years old and quickly rose through the ranks of competitive snowboarding. Chloe is known for her audacious style and her ability to push the boundaries of the sport. 

Chloe, 23, is also a role model because of her positive attitude and her commitment to giving back to the community. She is a vocal advocate for mental health awareness and body positivity. She also uses her platform to promote diversity and inclusion in sports.

Chloe’s story inspires young girls, proving dreams are achievable with hard work, dedication and perseverance.

Game Changers - Detail

Simone Biles
Simone Biles is widely considered to be the greatest gymnast of all time. She has won more medals at international competitions than any other gymnast, including seven Olympic medals and 25 medals in the world championships.

Simone is celebrated for her incredible athleticism, executing gravity-defying skills with unwavering composure in high-pressure moments. She has redefined the sport by introducing groundbreaking routines and successfully executing complex manoeuvres that no other gymnast has dared to attempt.

Simone, 26, is a strong and confident woman who is not afraid to speak her mind. She is also an advocate for mental health awareness and body positivity. She has inspired a new generation of gymnasts and has shown the world what is possible when you set your mind to something. Simone is a true champion and a role model for us all.

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