Tracksuits Reign Supreme
Tracksuits Reign Supreme
Tracksuits Reign Supreme - Detail

Louis Vuitton's Pre-Fall 2023 collection introduces two pieces inspired by the classic tracksuit. The first one combines brown and beige hues, featuring a stylised take on the brand's iconic monogram on the top. The second ensemble includes track pants adorned with the Louis Vuitton brand name, paired with a jacket, white shirt, and a vibrant sweatshirt featuring a colorful print, injecting a playful and lively touch to the look.

While Salvatore Ferragamo is renowned for its impeccably crafted footwear, its ready-to-wear line is equally captivating. In their latest collection, they pay homage to the tracksuit, presenting it in a delightful tan hue crafted from micro-fiber material. It marries function with a sense of style, creating a harmonious balance that caters to both relaxation and practicality.

Tom Ford's latest collection strikes a balance between refinement and exclusivity within the realm of athleisure. The centerpiece is a sumptuous velour tracksuit in a striking shade of purple, elegantly complemented by a sweeping, chocolate brown coat. This combination seamlessly blends comfort with a touch of sophistication, creating a truly breathtaking ensemble.

From left: Louis Vuitton delivers an effortlessly stylish ensemble suitable for sporty events or casual outings; Ferragamo seamlessly combines form, function and fashion in this creation; Tom Ford’s combination of a purple tracksuit with a brown coat exudes an effortlessly cool vibe

Tracksuits Reign Supreme - Detail

As part of Philipp Plein's Autumn/Winter 2023 collection, there's a striking ensemble featuring a shimmering tracksuit paired elegantly with a shearling-lined jacket. This look is completed with a coordinating handbag and heels adorned with luxurious mink cuffs, adding a touch of opulence. Additionally, the designer introduces a modern twist by combining track pants with a sleek blazer, resulting in a refreshing and contemporary style statement.

Italian label Miu Miu embraces the tracksuit trend with a twist, replacing trackpants with tights and pairing them with a heather grey zippered hoodie. This ensemble is complemented by a black-and-white t-shirt underneath and crowned with a double-breasted coat. A sumptuous brown leather messenger bag gives that finishing touch of elegance.
From left: A tracksuit with a shearling-lined jacket, paired with matching handbag and mink-cuffed heels, all by Philipp Plein; Miu Miu puts its own spin on the tracksuit trend, by substituting trackpants with tights and combining them with a zippered hoodie

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