Viva Versace
Viva Versace
Viva Versace - Detail

No one does sexy like Donatella Versace.

With corsets as outerwear, bold neon tones and latex leggings, you’re guaranteed a spectacular entrance at any party this festive season.

Energy seems to erupt throughout the latest Versace fall/winter 2022 collection, with tweeds fraying and dripping in crystal and metal chains, while tightly cinched waists appear to embrace and amplify pure female power. Knee-high boots and latex gloves border on the subversive. Typically regal pearl jewellery is contrasted with sharp punk spikes, and needle-thin stilettos are finished in latex-like brushed leather with sharp metal heels for greater va-va-voom effect.

Viva Versace - Detail

At the heart of the collection is the unmistakableAtelier Versace bustier. As it is incorporated into sculptural outerwear and sportswear shapes, its details are simplified and updated to reflect modern aesthetic preferences. Silhouettes are seductive and empowering as the bustier is revealed under open suiting or momentarily glimpsed beneath voluminous overcoats. A bustier can be perceived as both overtly provocative clothing and protective armour, giving the wearer an air of dominance.

Deep red, plum, charcoal and black are the predominant colours in this collection, with occasional pops of avocado green, pink and blue. The contrast concept is carried on through the collection’s use of different textures. A long, glossy red puffer in the style of a trench coat envelops the wearer like a cocoon while outerwear that features the label’s La Greca motif in closely-shaved sheepskin is paired with a racy latex top and tights.

Viva Versace - Detail

The new Greca Goddess range of bags and accessories brings Versace's heritage of myth and luxury to the forefront. The La Greca motif sits in perfect harmony with the golden hardware and chain shoulder straps. Ingeniously, the motif is repeated across a hand-slip, allowing the bag to be snugly held, and carried for more spontaneous styling. Take a good long look at Versace’s newest lineup and you will notice that it embodies strength, style and self-assurance, much like Donatella Versace, who at 67 is still going strong.

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