Making Beauty Their Business
Making Beauty Their Business
Making Beauty Their Business - Detail

Nick and Zoee founded Synthesis Aesthetic to help others in attaining beautiful, healthy skin, drawing on their combined 20 years of professional experience.

Patrons at a restaurant close to the studio couldn’t help but take notice of the attractive power couple as they pulled up in their sleek black SUV for our cover photo shoot. Nick Chong, who is almost 50, and Zoee Low, 42, do not look a day older than their ages and could be mistaken for movie stars thanks to their lean physique, flawless complexions and lustrous hair. Good looks aside, the two who have been together for over 19 years not only represent the ideal example of a married couple, but they also make a formidable business team. Together, they run a beauty company called Synthesis Aesthetic, and between them they have 20 years of professional experience in different fields prior to starting their own business. 

“I would say that Zoee and I make a great team as I handle the management aspect and she manages the operations. I have 10 years’ experience in multi-level marketing while Zoee worked with well-known dermatologist Dr. Ko Chung Beng for 10 years,” Nick says. 

Making Beauty Their Business - Detail

Synthesis Aesthetic provides treatments from head to toe including body waxing, facials, eyebrow embroidery, slimming and laser facial. The latter is the most popular as laser aids in the gentle removal of dead skin cells. This, in turn, results in numerous benefits, such as minimising post-acne scars, pigmentation and open pores.

According to Nick, every session helps to brighten the skin, lighten pigmentation and improve product absorption. “Laser is the same as exfoliation, but self-exfoliation with harsh chemicals can lead to skin inflammation without expert supervision. After each laser treatment, we will apply cooling masks and perform a relaxing massage to help reduce redness and promote healthy skin,” Zoee explains. 

Making Beauty Their Business - Detail

In addition to the laser facial, Synthesis Aesthetic also offers the Bio Meridian treatment, which was developed in Japan. “It delivers electrical impulses throughout the body to stimulate the production of more red blood cells and increase oxygen flow to the entire body. This treatment will leave you feeling rejuvenated.”

One of the latest offerings at Synthesis Aesthetic is the Female Ovarian treatments, which will benefit women who suffer from frequent vaginal discomfort. According to Zoee, the treatments were developed in Korea using only natural ingredients and have received unanimous praise from her employees who have tried them. 

Synthesis Aesthetic also has its own skincare product range with natural, organic ingredients from Switzerland. “Our products do not contain harmful chemicals other than the preservatives used to stabilise the chemical compounds of the active ingredients. They are designed to be gentle on the skin, making them ideal for all skin types. We currently have ten products, including a Gentle Cleansing Gel, Essential Facial Toner, Clarity Essence (serum), Vitamin C Cream (moisturiser), Anti-acne Cream and UV Glow (sunscreen).” 

The majority of their clientele are walk-ins as well as family members and friends. The age range includes everyone from teenagers to senior citizens. “We also cater to men and the most popular treatment among our male clients is Micro-Hydrabration, which facilitates in the removal of black and white heads. For our male clients who do not have skin concerns, we recommend the premium treatment, which is designed to help with hydration and overall skin health. The treatment incorporates fresh caviar, which has a revitalising and restorative effect on the skin,” Nick explains.

Making Beauty Their Business - Detail

He notes that regardless of age and gender, Synthesis Aesthetic can help anyone achieve beautiful, healthy skin. “Synthesis Aesthetic has been around for over 13 years. We will continue to strive to help individuals with unsolved skin issues. If you are committed to improve the appearance of your skin, then we will do everything in our capacity to assist you in accomplishing your aesthetic aspirations.”

Working together has undoubtedly brought the pair closer but there are also challenges that they have to deal with. “The drawback of co-managing a business is the stress of work and the ongoing struggle to balance personal and professional obligations. My wife and I always take a moment to discuss any disagreements that may arise over a cup of tea. Communication is essential to our relationship’s success,” says Nick. The most important thing they have learned is to keep their personal lives outside of the business and professional lives in the office. “Once at home, we remind ourselves that office matters should remain confined to the workplace. Whenever one of us notices that something is interfering with the other’s work, we make it a point to find a quiet place to discuss it. Then the rest of the day is devoted to seizing the day’s opportunities,” shares Zoee. 

There are currently three Synthesis Aesthetic outlets in the Klang Valley and the one at Tropicana Gardens Mall is its newest location, having recently relocated from eCurve, which had been in operation for over ten years. “We’ve always wanted to operate a business in Tropicana Gardens Mall for a variety of reasons, including its broad customer base, strategic location, proximity to the MRT station and the NKVE Highway. Plus, Tropicana is one of the biggest and most stable organisations in the real estate industry. We are a business couple, therefore we have to think long and hard before we enter a new market with the intention of forming a sustainable partnership there. We need to evaluate not just the clientele, the site and the facilities, but also the experience of the team behind it and whether or not they have the ability to grow and adapt over time. Ultimately, we seek a partner and a location where we can sustain our business over the long term and Tropicana fits the bill perfectly.”

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