To the Rescue of Our Furry Friends
To the Rescue of Our Furry Friends
To the Rescue of Our Furry Friends - Detail

Property developer Tropicana Corporation Berhad (“Tropicana”) reached out to support more than 400 rescued pets and strays at My Pets Haven, Setia Alam and PAWS Animal Welfare Shelter (“PAWS”), Ara Damansara. Organised through the Group’s charity arm, Tropicana Foundation, the initiative saw 20 volunteers pitching in to clean cages, prepare food, walk and feed the animals, and more.

The Foundation donated 380kg of dry pet food, 50L of hand wash liquid, 60L of bleach, and 60kg of soap powder in total, as well as the services of volunteers comprising Tropicana staff, who donated their time and energy. The initiative was first held at My Pets Haven on 27 September 2022, followed by PAWS on 15 October 2022.

Dion Tan, Group Managing Director of Tropicana, shared that this campaign is important to help raise awareness on the issue of pet abandonment and strays in the society.

To the Rescue of Our Furry Friends - Detail

“This charitable endeavour marks the growth of Tropicana Foundation as we extend aid to our furry friends. Animal welfare is an important issue that needs to be addressed. These homeless animals have their rights but in the long run, strays on our streets equally pose a possible threat to public health. 

“As a society, we all have our roles to play and with this initiative, Tropicana will endeavour to Redefine the Art of Living for both man and animal,” he said.

Founder of My Pets Haven, 65-year-old Aileen Lee, stressed on the need for the public to start adopting and stop buying. She also underlined the importance of spaying and neutering these homeless animals to control the population of stray dogs and cats. 

Running the shelter alone, Lee, better known as Aunty Aileen, starts her day as early as 5am to walk the dogs, prepare their meals, clean their cages, and more. She relies greatly on volunteers for help with all the chores to provide a conducive and clean environment for the cats and dogs at her shelter. She also shared that the shelter constantly needs funding for food and medical treatment for the animals.

Over at PAWS, the shelter is currently housing more than 400 cats and dogs, and is also in need of the assistance from the public, be it in cash or in kind, as well as volunteers. Click here for full video:

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