1. What is Tropicana Privilege Card Programme ?

2. Who is eligible to be a Member of Tropicana Privilege Card Programme?

3. What about owner who bought Tropicana Property through sub-sale transaction?

Sub-sale Tropicana Property purchaser is not eligible to be a Member of Tropicana Privilege Card Programme

4. How do I apply to become a Member?

No application is necessary. Tropicana will issue to each and every qualified purchaser a personalised Tropicana Privilege Card (TPC) for use. There are 4 types of Tropicana Privilege Card, namely Priority TPC, Gold TPC and Platinum TPC and Diamond TPC.

5. How does Tropicana categorize the 4 types of TPC to the qualified Members?

The type of TPC issued to qualified Members is determined by the aggregate value of the property(ies) purchased as follows:

6. I have bought properties from Tropicana under my own name and also under the name of my company. How do you determine the value of my purchases to justify the type of TPC membership entitlement for me?

7. We are husband and wife who have individually bought properties from Tropicana. Can we combine the value of our properties purchased and both be entitled to upgraded memberships?

8. Is my membership upgradeable?

Yes, Tropicana shall from time to time upgrade a Member’s TPC membership based on the latest aggregate value of properties purchased from Tropicana.

9. Is membership transferable? Is my membership transferable to my immediate family members?

10. What are the privileges of being a Diamond TPC member?

11. What are the privileges of being a Platinum TPC member?

12. What are the privileges of being a Gold TPC member?

13. What are the privileges of being a Priority TPC member?

14. How is the Buyer Discount given on my next property purchase from Tropicana?

15. I am an existing cardmember and would like to purchase another 2 or more properties from Tropicana at the same time. In what way can I get the best Buyer Discount for these properties?

16. I am a corporate nominee cardmember and I intend to purchase property from Tropicana under my own name. Will I be entitled to Buyer Discount?

No. For corporate membership, the Buyer Discount is only applicable to the company’s next purchase of property from Tropicana.

17. I am an existing cardmember and I intend to purchase a property from Tropicana under my company’s name. How do I get the Buyer Discount for my corporate purchase using my individual membership?

Special Note: This rule is also applicable to 2 individual card members who are joint name purchasers buying another property under their company where they are the same joint partners/shareholders.

18. We are an existing corporate purchaser. One of our directors is buying a property from Tropicana. Can our director be entitled to Buyer Discount from our corporate membership?

19. I have introduced a friend(s) to purchase property from Tropicana. When can I claim the Introducer’s Cash Rewards?

20. I have introduces a friend to purchase more than one unit of property from Tropicana. How does the Introducer’s Cash Rewards work?

Introducer is entitled to a referral fee up to 1% of the nett purchase price to all units sold to the SAME PROSPECT on the SAME DATE. Subsequent unit purchased by the Prospect on a different date is not entitled to Introducer’s Cash Rewards.

21. I am a corporate nominee cardmember and I have introduced a friend(s) to purchase property from Tropicana. To whom will Tropicana pay the Introducer’s Cash Rewards, the company or the nominee?

Tropicana will pay the Introducer’s Cash Reward by way of cheque to the nominee’s personal name on the condition that the nominee had presented his valid TPC and introduced the non-Member buyer personally to Tropicana’s manager-in-charge.

22. Can the Introduced Buyer be eligible to TPC membership?

Yes, the introduced non-Member buyer will be eligible to TPC membership on the condition that the value of the property purchased is RM190,000.00 and above. A TPC card will be issued after the introduced non-Member buyer has executed the SPA and has paid up at least 35% of the purchase price.

23. In the event of lost, stolen or damaged card, can I request for a replacement card?

Yes. You can report to Customer Careline at +603 77138888 or email customercare@tropicanacorp.com.my and request for a replacement card at a fee of RM20. Our operating hours are 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

24. How can I identify or recognise the Participating Outlets that offer privileges to TPC members?

All our participating merchants or outlets with their special discounts and deals offered to TPC members will be listed in our e-Updates of the exclusive bi-Monthly Tropicana Magazine in your inbox via weblink.